These Daredevil Stunts From 'BGT's U.S. Stars Will Make Your Jaw Drop

America's Got Talent / NBC

Britain's Got Talent: The Champions will welcome back some of the most memorable BGT acts as they compete to be named the show's first ever all-star winner. The cast of the series is set to include major names from the show's history including Paul Potts, Connie Talbot, Stavros Flatley, and more — but father and daughter act, Bello and Annaliese Nock, have really caught the attention of fans. The daredevil act previously appeared on the U.S. version of the hit show, and if you're unfamiliar with the pair, I've listed the very best Bello and Annaliese videos for your viewing pleasure. You can thank me later.

According to The Sun, the Stateside act originally auditioned separately for America's Got Talent in both 2017 and 2018. The newspaper reports that Annaliese is a sixth generation circus performer, so the family have some serious credentials. The Nock's will now join forces to appear in our very own BGT spin-off, and their daring stunts are sure to wow audiences on this side of the pond. Throughout their time on the U.S. version of the hit talent show, the Nock's took on various jaw-dropping stunts, including being shot out of a cannon and being locked in an explosive coffin (yes, seriously). So, before their Britain's Got Talent: The Champions debut, please take a minute to enjoy the father and daughter act's most shocking performances so far — you won't be disappointed.


Annaliese Nock's 'America's Got Talent' Audition

During her America's Got Talent audition, Annaliese won over the judges with her exploding coffin performance. During the thrilling act, the daredevil locked herself within a dynamite-filled coffin and the stunt thankfully paid off, because she exploded into the next round.


Bello Nock's 'American's Got Talent' Audition

Bello's first appearance on the NBC talent show came back in 2017, and after swaying atop a vulnerable looking pole, he left both the judges and audience on the edge of their seats.


Bello's Cannon Shot

Following his impressive first audition, Bello had no choice but to outdo himself — and with his ambitious cannon shot act, he most certainly achieved that. During the performance, the AGT star shot himself out of a cannon over an actual helicopter, and you have to see this stunt to believe it.


The Wheel Of Death

Despite his efforts, Bello was eliminated from the 2017 series of America's Got Talent, however, the daredevil was spectacularly brought back as a wild card for the first week of live shows — and with his Wheel of Death performance, he did not disappoint.


Annaliese's Record-Breaking Stunt

Annaliese Nock's record-breaking stunt at the opening night of the 2016 Circus Sarasota saw the AGT star bag a Guinness World Record after completing four front somersaults in the infamous Wheel of Death. The performer completed the act in less than a minute, and Annaliese is the only female to ever complete a front somersault during the act. Impressive.

Tune in to Britain's Got Talent on Saturday 31 August to see the father-daughter duo bring their signature daredevil antics to British shores. I can already imagine the tension on Amanda's face.