These Body Shimmers For Dark Skin Will Take Your Glow Up To A Whole New Level

by Lollie King
Originally Published: 
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As the summer draws ever closer, having that glow is essential. Whether you prefer a golden glow or more of a bronze hue, nothing says summer like radiant skin. Body shimmers do everything to help you achieve that summer glow and can really make you look red carpet ready or like you've just hopped off the jet from you latest Ibiza or St Tropez trip. But too much body shimmer can give you less of a glow and more like Strictly's coveted glitterball. Not ideal. But what are the best body shimmers for dark skin?

For those of us with dark skin, while other take drastic measures to achieve the look, we are lucky enough to have a yearly glow. While our melanin might be poppin' all year round, a little bit of body shimmer helps to bring out the golden tones in our skin.

Although body shimmers seem to be all the rage now, they've been around for a pretty long time, and there are some truly excellent products available on the high street. The shimmers below range in price, but there are definitely options that won't break the bank in there. Keep reading for my pick of the best 5 body shimmers for dark skin.

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