7 Of The Best Bronzers Under £10, So You Can Get That Glow On A Budget


Now that summer is almost here, you're probably thinking of switching up your makeup routine. While contouring and highlighting has swept the world over the past few years, a certain warming product has been left on the sidelines. I'm talking about bronzer. The mere mention of it may give you teenage-related nightmares, but today's formulas are subtle and super easy to apply. Here are the best bronzers you can buy for under £10.

Before you dive into the affordable pick of the bunch, let's go back to basics. Bronzer is often easily confused with other products. Namely contour and blush. But as L'Oreal states, bronzer is designed "to create natural-looking warmth." Contour, meanwhile, is for shadows while blush will add a pop of colour to your complexion.

"Bronzer is all about making the skin look healthier," celebrity makeup artist Hung Vanngo told Cosmopolitan. That healthy glow means bronzer is usually relegated to the warmer months. But in actual fact, you can wear the golden or brown hues all year round.

To avoid an overdone look, grab a large fluffy brush and sweep the product over each side of the face in a three-shaped motion. Start at the temple, move down to the cheeks, then the jaw, and finally the chin, advises Man Repeller. Pro tip: don't forget the sides of the neck too. Missing out this area can result in two different skin tones and no one wants that.

Whether you're a powder, cream, or liquid kind of person, there's something for everyone in this list.


The key to successful bronzer application? Just don't overdo it.