The Best Documentaries New To Streaming In March

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If you've ever watched a good documentary, then you know the accuracy of the saying that truth is often stranger than fiction. Yes, movies are fun and all, but there's nothing quite like a bizarre and unexpected true story. Here's a list of documentaries new to streaming in March 2020 if you find yourself with a free evening and a particular ripped-from-the-headlines itch that needs scratching.

The great thing about documentaries is that they can span multiple genres. You can have pulse-pounding tales of true crime, intimately personal confessionals, incisive portraits of public figures, sweeping looks at nature, and deep dives into fascinating subjects as small as an atom or as large as the universe itself. The films and shows on this list encompass all of these genres, and even more.

Whether you're in the mood for something light-hearted or something fiercely topical; something about a well-known celebrity or something about a little-known figure; something to help you relax after a long day or something to get your blood boiling… there's something streaming out there for everyone. So scan the slideshow, pop the popcorn, boot up your favorite streaming service, and enjoy some of the juiciest true stories of the month.

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