This Is The Best Way To Deal With An Ex


Breakups are inevitable, as is navigating a post-breakup relationship with your former significant other. And since everyone has their own unique way to wrangle exes, Twitter users are sharing their techniques for keeping the peace with the trending hashtag #HowToDealWithAnEx.

There are two schools of thought on managing the ghosts of lovers past. One says that you should cut them out of your life — social media, too — and move onwards and upwards. The other says that you should try to integrate them into your social circle as an acquaintance or friend and keep the good parts that drew you together while ditching the bad ones. Every situation varies, though, so it's really up to you (and/or a friend, family member, or therapist you trust) to decide what is the healthiest way to move forward. Of course, if your ex was in any way abusive, it's usually never a good idea to keep in touch.

So what's the next step once you decide to keep someone around but at a respectful distance? Or how exactly do you move on and never speak to someone again who meant so much to you? Twitter users answer all these burning questions and more. Here's what folks have to say about how to deal with an ex:

1. Consult The Experts

2. Get Revenge By Living Well

3. Don't Deal With Them At All

4. Set Your Boundaries

5. Block Them On Social Media

6. Kill Them With Kindness

7. Do Something Nice For Yourself