People Are Sharing The One Thing That Makes Work Actually Fun & It's TOO Relatable

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Work can definitely be a drag. Deadlines, long hours, cranky co-workers and cramped office spaces may get the better of you, but the trending hashtag #IHaveFunAtWorkWhen is giving Twitter users the opportunity to talk about when they actually enjoy their jobs. And, as expected, it's often at the weirdest times that things get interesting.

In 2016, the American Time Use survey found that the average employed American spends eight hours and eight minutes a day working or traveling to work, which is five minutes more than they did a decade ago. Those same employed folks spend eight hours and 52 minutes sleeping and/or having personal time, which means that pretty much half of their weekdays are dedicated to sleep and play, and the other half work. Bottom line? If you're a working stiff, you better make those office hours count. And, many people do.

Thanks to an increase in flexible working configurations, more and more folks can keep in touch with friends online during the day, meet someone special at work (although you'll definitely want to proceed with caution on that one), take nap break, workout, or get a little "me" time while you're on the clock without annoying your boss.

So when is work really the most fun? Here's what Twitter users have to say about it:

1. When Things Get Dramatic

2. When Food Is Involved

3. When Money Is Involved

4. When You Enjoy Your Co-workers

5. When You Don't Actually Do Work

6. When You Leave Work