The Absolute Best Halloween Makeup You Can Get Last Minute On Amazon Prime

Sometimes, life comes at you fast and you're not prepared for the upcoming festivities ahead. Summer's long gone and Halloween sort of springs up out of nowhere if you're not a fanatic. However, that doesn't mean you can't get in on the gory details. That's where last-minute Halloween makeup comes in handy to whip you up an instant costume ready to scare. And thankfully, there's Amazon to get it to you in a jiffy.

This time of year calls for pumpkins and spooks up the wazoo. But crowds are piling into stores, snatching up the last few decorations, costumes, and makeup, and then you're left with zip. Don't be that person and skip out this year. Take it to the net, where Halloween Pinterest ideas are enough to give you inspiration for an expensive (but inexpensive) look that'll raise hairs.

Frankly, you can create anything spooky with even just one product, and you probably have it lying around somewhere at home. These makeup products are ideal to create looks from anything as cute as a fairy, to something as extra as a UV light skeleton. Regardless of your style inspiration for this year, some of these Halloween makeup products from Amazon are flexible for you to wear once the costumes are closeted.

Here are a few options to get you looking ghostly.

1. Mehron Makeup Paradise AQ Face & Body Paint

This face and body paint from Mehron is one that comes equipped with 8 brilliant shades. If you're craving more color, there's also two additional basic and tropical palettes up for grabs too.

2. Unomor Halloween Makeup Face Painting Kit

For a party in the dark, this neon pace painting kit carries six shades of glow that will make you highlight the room under a blacklight.

3. Jmkcoz Eye Shadow

An eyeshadow palette with 120 shades to reference is probably more than enough, but chances are you'll already have ideas for next year.

4. CCBeauty Professional Face Body Paint Oil

Oil-based face paint makes this product easy to wear, but it will take some time to dry. However, you can forgive the wait time once you look at the pigment in these colors.

5. Face and Body Crayons

Not into working a makeup wand, then these face and body crayons might be easier to make a face this Halloween. What's the point in brushes when you can use crayons?

6. Graftobian Skull Makeup Kit

For something a little more grab n' go, a skull makeup kit like this one is sure to give your friends the jitters if done right.

7. Bloody Mary Fake Blood Makeup Spray

Sometimes, all you need is blood. That's what can ultimately make a costume a costume on Halloween. Take some old tattered clothing and add some blood spray and voila! You're straight out of The Walking Dead.

8. Beauty Glazed Glitter Eyeshadow Palette

Yes, you can really steal all this glitter for $8. If you're feeling glitzy Harley Quinn vibes or totally just want shimmer in your life this pumpkin season, this cheap palette is necessary.

9. ARTEZA 16 Colors Face and Body Paint Set and Palette Kit

This kit could transform you into the wicked witch of the west or Belinda the good witch all in one palette. If you're undecided in what to make of yourself, this is a good starting point.

Halloween is right around the corner, but you have the power (and the tutorials) to look fierce. And maybe make your last-minute costume not look so last-minute at all.