5 Mascaras For Sensitive Eyes That Deliver Impact Without Inflammation

Jamie Grill Atlas/Stocksy

Makeup bag essential? Mascara, right? It's almost a no brainer. It's that one item that if I were stuck on a desert island and could only take one makeup item, it's what I would choose. It wakes up and brightens the face, and even if you aren't wearing any other makeup, it still works a treat. But with such an extensive range on offer what are the best mascaras for sensitive eyes?

While mascara might be an essential, it's almost like finding a pair jeans — sourcing the perfect fit is hard to come by, but when you find the one, you don't want to let it go. Whether your aim is to darken, thicken, lengthen, or define your lashes, there's sure to be one out there for you, especially at the range of price points currently on the market. But when you have sensitive eyes, finding the right mascara is much harder. Sufferers can develop swollen eyelids, dry eyes, and even styes. In recent years, a range of mascaras have been introduced that cater to sensitive users. They typically have fewer harmful ingredients, are hypoallergenic, and waterproof. The best part? They can still give you plenty of oomph. What a winner. Read on for my picks of the 5 best mascaras for sensitive eyes.