The Best "Millennial A Quote" Tweets To Make You Laugh Uncontrollably

Ashley Batz for Bustle

Millennials get a pretty tough rap. All of our stereotypes generally focus around being lazily dependent on technology, highly addicted to social media, and obsessed with our own image. But in my humble opinion, there is so much more to our generation than meets the eye. For example, did you know than anyone born between the years 1981 and 1996 are considered to be millennials? That's a huge age range. But still, older generations tend to poke fun at Gen Y, which is why when people started tweeting out quotes for millennials, using the hashtag #MillennialAQuote, I snorted out my organic, free range, gluten free, probiotic kombucha (or whatever people think our generation drinks all day).

One attribute that I truly admire about most millennials is that our access to technology has made us more curious, and as a byproduct, incredibly innovative: we are in no way afraid to dream big. My co-workers and friends are always brainstorming up the next app that will make everyone's lives just a little bit easier, or a new website that can help disaster relief, or even a blog that will inspire taste and make people laugh. I am always impressed by my peers' ability to pioneer the impossible, as well as their genuine desire to change the course of history. But still, even I have to admit some of these "millennial" quotes are just too accurate. Take a look at some of the best ones below:

1. A Spin On A Kennedy Classic

nomoreillness on Twitter

This is a bit cynical in my opinion but — networking, am I right?

2. Weather Channel Realness

nubohemian25 on Twitter

This is too true....

3. If Twitter Was A Rocket Launch

televidya on Twitter

TBH my mom still can't figure out how to untag pictures on Facebook. She just blocks the person that posted them!

4. Bitcoin Really Is The New Wall Street

scarequotepro on Twitter

I still don't really get how bitcoin works, but yes.

5. Veni Vidi Vici

biffblisters on Twitter

OK, but did you save that snap to camera roll??

6. Jonas Brothers Meets Marie Antoinette

miz_mayhem on Twitter

The French revolution was never the same.

7. Wiser Words Have Never Been Spoken

_battledrum on Twitter

Is this what Gary Oldman won the Oscar for?

8. I Love This Classic Reggae Hit

weirdsavant on Twitter

I don't think this is what Bob Marley would have wanted.

9. Hamlet Is Rolling Over In His Grave

thoughtaddled on Twitter

Could this have been Shakespeare's true question all along?

10. Abraham Lincoln's Most Famous Speech

biffblisters on Twitter

I can't even remember what happened last week.

11. Dirty Harry Uses Tinder

magilla9784 on Twitter

I think he totally swiped left. He has way higher standards.

12. Is It Paleo Though?

kdavidsmith1 on Twitter

This was my favorite childhood book growing up!

13. Wi-Fi Or Die Trying

fencegates on Twitter

Honestly, when my phone automatically syncs to someone's Wi-Fi, it totally makes my day.

14. To Like Or Be Liked

zzbryzz on Twitter

1,000 likes??? Must be an influencer.

15. The Real Truth Be Told

heartsapian on Twitter

Cough. Which actually is fear itself.

16. When Joining Them Is A Lame Second Option

itsmarcusdante on Twitter

This is too good. A true subtweet is hard to master.

17. Caught In Deep Philosophical Thought

weirdsavant on Twitter

Uh oh. Going to be thinking about this one for a long time.

18. To Use On Your Next Date

magilla9784 on Twitter

I thought vaping was supposed to make people happy, but what do I know?

19. The Real Love Of My Life

allonsy24601 on Twitter

I love kale chips and I'm not afraid to admit it.

Whether you're a Twitter-obsessed young millennial who is always checking her Instagram likes, or an old-school millennial that's still reminiscing about the golden days of AIM and Myspace, these tweets are sure to make you giggle. And OK, maybe we do love kale chips and snapchat, but know what else we love? Standing up for equal opportunity and fighting for justice! And fine, acai bowls too.