The Best Nighttime Skin-Care Secrets You Haven't Heard Before


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If you wash your face at night on a regular basis, congrats! You're already ahead of the skincare curve. But even if you’re hitting that mark on the daily, there are still other factors that could be getting in the way of your healthy skin goals. (And we’re not just talking about that third glass of rosé.)

There are actually other things in your evening skincare routine — think missed opportunities, less-than-ideal products, or bad timing — that you might not have even considered. And it's definitely worth addressing them. After all, nighttime is when skin finally gets a chance to repair itself, since it’s no longer busy defending against external aggressors like UV rays and pollution. So there's no reason not to take advantage of those crucial hours. That’s why we’ve partnered with Olay to bring you the essential secrets to a good p.m. skincare regimen. The tweaks may seem small, but the payoff — waking up confident with gorgeous, #NoMakeupRequired skin — is huge.

Switch To A Gentler Cleanser


There's a reason washing your face at night is the golden rule of skincare. A day's worth of makeup, oil, and grime can build up and clog your pores (hello breakouts). Plus, without a clean canvas, any products you slather on won't work as well. But how you cleanse is just as important as cleansing in the first place. Harsh formulas can actually strip skin of its natural oils, ultimately leading to dryness. Thanks, but no thanks. If your skin feels tight and squeaky after you wash it, switch to a gentle formula instead.

Try The Triple Cleanse


By now, you've probably heard of the K-beauty double cleanse method (washing your face once with an oil-based formula, and then again with a regular cleanser). The triple cleanse is even more intense, since it adds a step at the beginning with a makeup wipe. It basically gives you a super cleanse without over-exfoliating skin or damaging its protective barrier. If you're short on time, energy, patience, or just prefer one step over three (but want the same glow-ifying skin benefits of the triple cleanse) get a similar effect with Olay Daily Facials Daily Clean 4-in-1 Water-Activated Cleansing Cloths. It's a textured cleansing cloth that deep cleans skin while leaving it soft and moisturized. Think of it as your cleanser, gentle exfoliate, toner, and mask in a single step.

Time Your Retinol Right


If you're not using retinol in your skincare routine yet, now's the time to start. (Trust us on this.) Retinol does it all. It encourages cell turnover, can help with acne, and boosts collagen production. But it also makes skin sensitive to the sun, so your ideal time to incorporate it into your regimen is at night, when it can work its magic without inviting a sunburn. The result: firmer, clearer skin.

Try A Quick Facial Massage


Not only does this make every night feel like a mini spa visit, but a facial massage can also boost circulation (to give skin a healthy glow) and encourage drainage (bye, puffiness). After applying your serum and moisturizer, use clean fingers to make vertical sweeping motions on your forehead and circular motions on your cheeks, jawline, and brow bones. Then, use your ring fingers to tap around the eyes, starting at the inner corners and working your way out. (Bonus points if you do this while applying eye cream.) Finally, massage your neck: Sweep your fingers up from your collarbone to your jawline. Your skin will thank you.

Sleep On Your Back


Seriously. Gravity pulls everything, including your skin. After enough nights of sleeping on your side, you can get what's called (surprise!) "sleep wrinkles." And stomach-sleeping with your face smushed in the pillows can also crease your skin over time. Snoozing on your back prevents all this from happening. If you just can't bear that position, at least swap out your pillowcase for a silk one, which alone can make a difference in your skin. (Don't believe us? We took one for a test run.)

Slather On An Overnight Mask


Don't forget, nighttime is when your skin finally gets a chance to repair and strengthen itself. It's basically beauty witching hour, and therefore prime time for giving skin a little TLC with an overnight mask. Active ingredients have time to sink into the deepest layers, where they can deliver a super dose of hydration, smoothness, and radiance. You'll look in the mirror in the a.m. and see that you really did wake up like this.

Actually Go To Sleep


If you spend half the night binge-watching shows and tapping through your Insta stories, you're basically unraveling all the hard work you just put into your skin. One study found that poor sleepers not only showed more signs of skin aging, but their skin also didn't recover as well from environmental stressors like UV rays. Stash your phone (and avoid screens) to get your best closest-to-eight-hours sleep — and your most flawless skin yet.

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