Everything You Need To Clean Your Phone, From Disinfectant Wipes To UV Lights

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We touch our phones so often that, if not properly cleaned, they quickly turn into a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. In fact, Time reported that scientists at the University of Arizona found that the average individual's smartphone is 10 times dirtier than a toilet seat. So, if you want to keep germs off your cell phone, using the best phone sanitizers can come in handy.

There are different methods of sanitizing your phone. Phone sanitizing devices exist for serious cleaning. They use UV light that can destroy up to 99.99% of germs and bacteria — all you have to do is place your phone inside and press a button to start the sanitizing process. (It usually takes around five minutes to clean a phone.) Note: Some sanitizing devices also clean other objects like keys and credit cards.

Many major electronics manufacturers have also approved the use of 70 percent isopropyl alcohol wipes which claim to get rid of over 99.99% of bacteria (and even viruses like Influenza A). Although it should be noted that Apple specifically warns against allowing any moisture to get into openings.

Of course, the method you choose is entirely up to you. They all help to eliminate germs. For some great suggestions, check out my roundup of the best phone sanitizers, below.

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The Best Phone Sanitizer, All Things Considered

Why it's worth it: Incredibly easy to use, this phone sanitizer harnesses the power of UV-C light to eliminate 99.9% of germs, and can even sterilize small crevices that are otherwise difficult to reach. All you have to do is place your phone inside, shut the box, and press the button, and your phone will be disinfected in just two minutes. The device fits most phones — even larger models — and you can also use it to sanitize other items like your keys earbuds, or jewelry.

Reviewer proof it works: "It is very fast takes only couple of minutes, my phone and accessories is ready to use. My stuffs feel cleaner after a run. Recommend!"


The Best Phone-Cleaning Wipes

Why they're worth it: Both Apple and Google have confirmed that you can disinfect your electronics with Clorox disinfect wipes which claim to get rid of over 99.99% of bacteria (and even viruses like Influenza A) — just be sure to wipe gently. This pack has a fresh lemon-y scent and a whopping 105 sheets, for less than $10 that's a seriously good deal.

That being said, depending on when you read this article, these Clorox wipes may be sold out everywhere.

Reviewer proof they work: "Great scent useful anywhere and its more that enough sheets. A+++++++++."


Also Great For Cleaning (Not Sanitizing): The Best Microfiber Cleaning Sticker That Adheres To Devices

Why it's worth it: Another easy-to-use and inexpensive phone sanitizer is this six-pack of microfiber stickers. These tiny microfiber stickers attach to your device with a silicone gel adhesive. Just hold the sticky side to wipe your phone clean, then re-attach it. Each sticker will last for multiple uses, and this multipack includes various sizes ranging from small to large.

It should be noted that, while these stickers do a great job of wiping away fingerprints, oils, dust, and smudges, they do not get rid of bacteria or viruses.

Reviewer proof it works: "My phone gets smudges, and fingerprints, and the Screen Cleaner wipes it away with no residue left behind. No water is needed, no soap of any kind, just the Screen Cleaner. I also used it to wipe smudges from my computer screen and it works like a charm every time. Love it."

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