7 Sex Positions To Switch Things Up On Valentine's Day

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Valentine's Day is supposed to be all about the romance, but that doesn't mean it can't be sexy AF too. The great thing is that even if you don't take any of the cheesy Valentine's Day romance seriously, you can still take it as an opportunity to have some mind-blowing sex. In fact, maybe you should just cancel your plans for an overpriced dinner and spend the whole night in bed. Isn't that going to be more fun than a waiter in a teddy bear suit bringing you rose petal soup or whatever? (Full disclosure: I may have never been to a restaurant on Valentine's Day. Is it obvious?)

Seriously, though, Valentine's Day is a great opportunity to get intimate with your partner. And if you want to bring some romance into the bedroom with you, that's totally an option. "Create a playlist of music that tells the story of your relationship," Nelson suggests," couples and sex therapist Marissa Nelson, LMFT tells Bustle. There are plenty of ways to make your sex Valentine's Day-friendly. And if you're going to be spending some quality time in the bedroom this February 14, consider mixing up your sex positions a little — and making your Valentine's Day really special. Here's are some of the best sex positions to try.


The Splitter

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How To Do It: Start in missionary and then have your partner sit up and lean back onto their heels. Meanwhile, lift one leg and rest it on their chest. Oh, and you might want to stretch first. But you can try different angles to find one that works for both of you. You want to be comfortable, after all.

Why It's Great: It's more fun that traditional missionary because you have a great view of each other. Plus, there's more room for clit play.


The Plow

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How To Do It: Another missionary variation, this time you hook your knees (or as far as you can get) over your partner's shoulders. A pillow under your back can help if you feel any strain.

Why It's Great: Unlike the plow, this is a close and intimate position — really close. As far as penetration, it's about as deep as it gets. So it's an especially intense position, but with your faces so close together it feels less animalistic than something like doggy.


Doggy With Vibrator

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How To Do It: Simple: get on all fours with your favorite sex toy. You can be in control or, if you really want to power play, let your partner take it over.

Why It's Great: If you're someone who loves doggy, this is a great position to take it up a notch. With the deep penetration from the position and the clitoral stimulation from the toy, you should be feeling a lot of things. It's a great way to treat yourself this Valentine's Day.


Bouncing Reverse Cowgirl

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How To Do It: Take your normal reverse cowgirl position and mix it up by putting your legs in front of you and your feet flat on the bed. You may need to adjust to find the right position, but then you can enjoy the bounce.

Why It's Great: If you ever feel a little stuck in reverse cowgirl, this position gives you a bigger range of motion, but with all of the intensity and woman-on-top fun of traditional reverse cowgirl.



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How To Do It: As your partner sits cross-legged on the bed or floor, climb onto their lap and guide them inside you. Wrap your arms and legs around them to bring you two closer together and find a more comfortable position.

Why It's Great: It's really intimate and intense, but with a nice romantic edge if you're looking to really connect on Valentine's Day.


Three-Legged Dog

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How To Do It: If you're not steady on your feet, make sure you stay near a wall or a bed — and stand on something sturdy if there's a big height difference. Then hike one leg over your partner's hip and guide them inside of you.

Why It's Great: You're close together and working as a team, but it's also a challenging position that can give your Valentine's Day sex an exciting twist.


The Proposal

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How To Do It: This is kind of a confusing position at first, so give yourself some time to get into it, and keep the lube handy. Kneel facing your partner and have them lift one knee up (yup, like they're proposing). Spread your legs and help guide your partner inside of you, using a pillow or a something soft to kneel on if it's uncomfortable.

Why It's Great: It's a really close position and, once you get into it, being on your knees gives you the stability to stay there and enjoy it. You can really take your time and have some intimate Valentine's Day sex.

It's supposed to be the most romantic day of the year, but dinner can be awkward and those cheap chocolates are typically a letdown. So make your Valentine's Day really special by mixing it up with some of these great sex positions.