How To Take Things Up A Notch This Valentine's Day

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Valentine's Night is just as exciting to look forward to as Valentine's Day, but unfortunately, you won't see as many ads for sex toys as you see for chocolates in February. You have to look around a little harder for Valentine's Day sex ideas, but they definitely are worth trying. And according to the just-released 2017 Millennial Sex Survey by SKYN Condoms, it's the biggest night for sex: 68 percent of Millennials report having sex on Valentine’s Day, which is more than those having sex on their wedding night.

Taking time to be conscious about your sex life instead of sticking to your routine can always improve your relationship, and the holiday provides a great excuse to take the time for that. You may have already heard the usual suggestions for spicing up your sex life, like doing it in a new place, using sex toys, watching porn together, incorporating dirty talk, and sexting in preparation for an evening together. If you haven't tried these, they're all good options. But since let's skip to some less commonly cited possibilities.

One way to switch up your routine is to incorporate all the senses, as well as the mind, couples and sex therapist Marissa Nelson, LMFT tells Bustle. She broke down some new things you can try in bed this Valentine's Day according to each of the five senses. Here are some ideas to make sex a multi-sensory experience.



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Make or buy your partner a special Valentine's Day meal or dessert, and blindfold them to feed them so it's a surprise. Sneak in a kiss, or even travel down south to please them in more than one way.




Sweeten the air around you by running a bubble bath, lighting scented candles, and pouring champagne. You can even sprinkle a few rose petals in to be fancy. Then, get in and play around. (You may need to switch to a shower if you plan to do PIV sex, since intercourse submerged in water is notoriously difficult.)



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"Create a playlist of music that tells the story of your relationship," Nelson suggests. It's an extremely thoughtful Valentine's gift, and playing it during sex will make it extra romantic.



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Instead of conventional lingerie, DIY something to (barely) wear to bed. Nelson suggests ribbons, whipped cream, or even Post-Its with love notes or hints at what you want your partner to do to the places where you put them.



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Give each other full-body massages. Go from their head to toe and if you like, stop in the middle.



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Our most sexual organ is the brain, so you can excite your partner's body and melt their heart by writing a note telling them all your favorite things about them.

Try all these tips combined, and you'll be feeling all kinds of sensations you've never felt before this Valentine's Day.