10 Sex Toys To Try If You Want To Experiment With Temperature Play

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There are plenty of ways to spice things up in bed, like getting new sex toys or trying different techniques. But one method we don't always talk about is temperature play — and one easy way to engage in that is through sex toys that change temperature.

A word to the wise: While most toys can be refrigerated, not all can be microwaved, so your best bet is to heat them up in warm water. You can also get a product like Warm that you put toys inside to warm them up, Paula Pana, co-founder of Peep Show Toys, tells Bustle. If you use them internally, though, they'll probably heat up on their own. Glass toys can shatter if they're exposed to drastic changes in air temperature, so it's probably safer to cool them down in cold water than it is to refrigerate them.

"Especially when using a toy with or on a partner that has been warmed or cooled, ensure that you (and your partner) touch the product with your hand before using it on more sensitive areas," Pana advises. "Everyone’s tolerance for temperature changes are different, and just as with any type of sexual activity, consent and communication are crucial."

Here are a few toys to try if you want to experiment with temperature.

NJoy Pure Wand

NJoy Pure Wand, $108, Babeland

This double-ended dildo is perfect for exploring internal pleasure and seeing if you can squirt, and it's also extremely sensitive to temperature, so you can heat it up or cool it down as the mood strikes you.

Pipedreams Icicles No. 24

Pipedreams Icicles No. 24, $50, Peep Show Toys

As its design would suggest, this toy is chilly, but it also heats up when it comes into contact with your body or other hot materials. It's also got ridges for an unusual sensation in your body. It's quirky for sure, but sometimes, you need something in your drawer beyond the standard rabbit or bullet vibrator.

Sinclair Institute Select Crystal G Glass G-Spot Wand

Crystal G Glass G Spot Wand, $29, Peep Show Toys

This one's also got a quirky shape, so it can reach up far into your vagina and stimulate the upper wall. Heating it up or cooling it down will provide even more pleasure.

Chakrubs Rose Wand

The Rose Wand, $190, Chakrubs

If their website is to be believed, Chakrubs have emotional energies that bring out different qualities in their users. The pace they heat up at definitely adds to the perception that you're interfacing with another living being.

Blush Novelties Luxe Mio Silicone Dildo

Blush Novelties Luxe Mio Silicone Dildo, $26, Peep Show Toys

This toy's suction-cup bottom can be attached to a harness to use with a partner, or you can use it on your own. It's especially suited to people who like girth, and it's boiling-water and freezer friendly.

Pleasure Works Pop Top Wand Attachment

Pleasure Works Pop Top Wand Attachment, $22, Peep Show Toys

You can make any toy a temperature-changing one with a Pop Top attachment. This one is ridged to provide extra vaginal stimulation.

Pipedreams Icicles No. 77 Black Glass Anal Plug with Rose Shaped Base

Icicles No. 77 Black Glass Anal Plug with Rose Shaped Base, $25, Peep Show Toys

This plug's floral design will make butt play much more elegant, and heating and cooling it can introduce you to new kinds of anal pleasure.

Doc Johnson Platinum Silicone TRUSKYN Tru Touch Dildo

Platinum Silicone TRUSKYN Tru Touch Dildo, $59, Peep Show Toys

The material that makes up this dildo mimics actual skin, and the way it warms when you use it makes it extra realistic.

Laid D.2 Stone Dildo

Laid D.2 Stone Dildo, $110, Peep Show Toys

This sex toy looks like a beautiful stone that soaks up the sun, probably because it's made of real granite. It's also a unique shape, with a wide, flat head that completely fills the vagina.

XR Brands Beaded Cock Ring

Beaded Cock Ring, $19, Peep Show Toys

The texture of these beads provides an interesting sensation, as do their cool (or warm, if you go that route) stainless steal material.

Even if you're not into temperature play, these would all make an interesting addition to any sex toy collection.