This Is The Best Way That You Show People That You Care, Based On Your Myers-Briggs Type

Everyone has different ways of showing that they care. Some people use gifts and material possessions, while other people are really good at communicating their thoughts in a sensitive, concise way that doesn't leave anyone confused. Others allow their actions to speak louder than their words. Then, there are the people who kind of have no idea what they're doing, and who show they care in strange ways — or, they just never really show it at all. This kind of behavior can be determined by what you saw and learned growing up, or what you were taught. But it can also be determined by your personality type. That's right: The best way to show you care can be based on your Myers-Briggs type, and in a really interesting way.

In case you're not familiar with Myers-Briggs types, here's a quick refresher: the Myers-Briggs personality test is based on Jungian psychology. Answering a series of questions (many of which are very similar) gives you a result that describes your personality type. This personality type is fascinating to read, even more so because it's usually pretty spot on. Knowing more about what makes you tick and what's behind your behavior can help you figure out so many things, like what you need to work on in relationships and what kind of career you should have. Your MBTI can also point out certain behaviors and personality quirks, so knowing someone's type can help you figure out how they show that they care. And think about it: knowing how someone shows this can help you understand them better, and maybe even help you avoid a fight.

So, it's time to figure out the MBTI of everyone you know! Just kidding - sort of. Here's how each MBTI shows that they care:


The INTJ type is rational, smart, and logical. They are also known for their difficulty in communicating and expressing their emotions. Because of this, INTJ types don't show that they care in a mushy, romantic, overly-emotional way. Instead, they do so by taking action in a very logical way. If someone they love is hurt, they will take control of the situation to reach the best outcome. They also know that they care by trying to understand you, listening to you, and getting to know you.


Similar to an INTJ, ENTJ types are logical and rational. Unlike INTJs, though, they are more of a natural-born leader type. To show that they care, ENTJs will offer you all of the help they can, and they'll also defend you to the death. ENTJs aren't always great at expressing their emotions, and they show others love by helping them, advocating for them, and standing up for them.


INTP types are creative and unique, and will give their all to a relationship with someone they really care about. That said, they don't do things like everyone else does — meaning that they don't show they care in the standard way, with gifts, words, and sentiments. Instead, they show that they care by really trying to get to know the person they love, and giving them all of their attention. INTPs are also very shy and reserved, so if they really open up to someone, that's a sign of how much they care.


The ENTP type is curious and smart, someone who always looks pushing the envelope and trying new things. If they care about someone, they'll show that by constantly trying to experience new things with them. Working to keep things interesting is a big way they show their love — because if they get bored, they're likely to just leave.


The INFJ personality type is serious about finding someone they care deeply about. They look for deep connections and they don't take this sort of thing lightly. So, when they want to show that they care, they do it in big ways. They like to do things to surprise the people they love and to make them happy. They also show they care by taking the time to get to know someone and understand them.


ENFJ types are natural leaders, but they also take relationships very seriously. When they really care about someone, they show it by being dependable and trustworthy. ENFJ's really want to make the people they love happy. So, if an ENFJ wants to show they care, they do so by doing anything they can to make that person smile.


An INFP might seem difficult to get close to, because they show they care in a slightly different way than expected. INFP's show they care by being there for someone, but also by giving them space — for an INFP, it's important that the person they love has the space they need to grow and take care of themselves. It might seem strange to some, but in an INFP's mind, giving someone a little space is the best thing they can do. They'll still be there, of course, they are just never overbearing.


ENFP types are free spirits, but they aren't afraid to give their all to someone they deeply care about. They show their love by acting caring, affectionate, and playful. They want to experience new things with the person they care about. They are also very passionate and dedicated, and show that they care by setting aside time for this person and really giving them all of their attention.


An ISTJ type is very dedicated to the people that they care about, so you probably won't have to look hard to see how they show their love. They show that they care by committing to someone, and also by helping that person keep their life organized and together. They show love by coming up with a plan and helping you get through it. They are also very emotionally supportive.


An ESTJ type is very practical and likes to follow the rules. When showing that they care for others, they do so by acting honest and straightforward all the time, even if it comes across as harsh. An ESTJ may struggle with expressing how they feel, or even showing it through something like PDA, so instead they show their feelings by always including the person, and providing a safe environment.


ISFJ types love to be there for people. They show they care by taking care of someone in a very affectionate and warm way — you probably won't question whether this type cares for and loves you, because they express it in such a traditional way. They can't always find the exact words to show their emotions, so they do so through actions. They are kind and dedicated, and they'll do nice things for you, like cook meals or buy cute gifts.


An ESFJ loves to feel loved and appreciated, so most of the time, they show that they care by making others feel that way. An ESFJ will work hard in a relationship to make sure there is respect and affection. One of the more annoying ways that they show they care is by acting kind of needy. At the end of the day, though, their loyalty is really what lets you know they love you.


When an ISTP wants to show they care, they find it difficult to express those emotions. They are very private, so if they take you into their life and get personal, sharing secrets, that means that they really care about you. They might not know how to say it or how to show it through actions, but they also like to help the people they care about.


ESTPs are hard to nail down, and they're always looking for the next exciting opportunity. If they make a lot of time for you, that means that they really care for and love you — they don't do that for just anyone! If they give you one-on-one time, that's an even bigger deal.


An ISFP type can be very hard to figure out as they're known for being mysterious. They don't always reveal themselves to others, so if they are filling you in on secrets, that's a pretty good indication that they care a lot. They also like to be alone, so if they are inviting you into their time, that's a big deal.


If you're wondering if an ESFP cares about you, you can figure it out through gifts. ESFPs love to use gifts to show their affection. They're very caring and they like to show their emotions — this is the type that is likely to do a grand gesture or buy something super expensive and important to show their love.