How To Survive Twitter, According To Twitter Users

Ashley Batz/Bustle

The internet has brought us delightful doggo memes, bone-chilling creepypastas, and ridiculous rickrolls — in addition to some rather unsavory phenomena. When living life online, taking the good with the bad is key, and with the trending hashtag #HowToSurviveTwitter, folks are sharing all their tips and tricks on how to safely make the most out of 140 characters.

In 2017, learning both physical and digital self-defense moves is very necessary, because it's equally important to protect yourself in the streets and on your favorite social media sites. A recent survey of over 3,000 Americans found that 65 percent of folks between the ages of 18 and 29 have experienced online harassment or abuse. Sixty six percent of harassment occurs in social media spaces and — surprise, surprise! — women are way more likely to be subjected to this behavior. Because of this, 41 percent of women ages 15 to 29 self-censor themselves while posting, while only 33 percent of men report doing the same thing. And some folks never even return to the site where they got burned, with 21 percent of people going offline for good as a result of their negative experiences.

Here are 10 things to keep in mind while using Twitter so you don't become a statistic:

1. Remember: It's Not Like FB or IG

2. Learn To Use Your Block & Mute Buttons

3. Read And Re-Read Before You Post

4. Keep It Light & Polite

5. Beware Of Eggs

6. Who You Follow Matters

7. Spelling Matters

8. Be Prepared For Drama

9. Retweet, Retweet, Retweet

10. Keep Your Meme Game Strong