People Are Sharing How They Blow Off Steam & You'll Want To Jot These Down

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Stress sometimes hits us when we least expect it: when we're planning a trip, hitting our stride on a work project, or trying our hardest to fall asleep at night. But tips for managing stress and anxiety can come in handy when these tiny morsels of doubt creep into our brains, taking us captive. Instead of focusing on feeling overwhelmed, take a step back and try your hand at a management technique.

Whenever I feel mentally strained, I tend to turn to something physical to relieve the tension. This can range from any form of exercise to my personal favorite, playing the guitar: by fully immersing my body into an empowering action, my psychological stress feels less significant.

Finding innovative means for coping with stress is more prevalent now than ever. According to a 2017 Survey by the American Psychological Association, stress levels in America have risen for the first time in 10 years, increasing from 4.8 to 5.1 on a 10 point scale. So when #WhenInNeedToBlowOffSteam started trending on Twitter, I sat up and took notes — because there is nothing worse than staring at your ceiling and twiddling your thumbs at 2 a.m. Need some inspiration? Here are 13 creative ways to blow off steam, according to Twitter.


House Party Of One

Solo dance parties are the best! The loud music drowns out your inner monologue and busting a move makes you feel totally powerful.


The Whirl Of Fortune

So I like where your mind's at, but not so sure about the delivery.


A Twist On An Old Favorite

They're not cute dogs, but I guess they'll do.


Wine-ding Down At The End Of The Day

Relatable content.


Tears For Defeating Fears

Let it out! Crying is an incredible release and can actually be beneficial for your health.


Solo Lip Sync Battle

If I didn't live in New York City, owned a car, or actually knew how to drive, I would totally do this.


Put Some Windex On It

Channeling your frustration into tidying up the house is a super productive habit to manage your stress.


These Boots Were Made For Walking - At An Incline

I am here for this idea and will definitely be giving it a go. As long as I don't fall flat on my face!


Highlight Up Your Life

Bonus points for creativity! Although I am a bit concerned about the aftermath: the clean up might add more stress than it releases.


Back It Up

Note to self: purchase back-scratcher immediately.


A Good Verbal Joust

I think you're onto something.


A Family Affair

Surrounding yourself with loved ones is a great way to counteract anxiety. My sister always makes me laugh, and laughter is like taking a mini spa day for your emotions!


The Online Forum

Well played, Jennifer Rose, well played.

I've heard some creative ways to deal with stress, but these certainly take the cake — hitting the gym in giant stilettos? Brilliant! Just make sure that whatever tactics you take, you keep it safe and focused on self-care.