7 Sex Positions To Keep You Warm All Winter Long

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Maybe it's just me, but winter makes me lazy when it comes to trying out new sex positions. I don't know if it's because I'm more lethargic generally or just desperate for a way to not have to take my onesie off, but I'm just less motivated when it comes to having sex in the winter.

But I need to snap out of it, because getting down when it's cold out definitely has some benefits. “I think winter sex is great primarily because of the after-sex cuddles.” Demetrius Figueroa, founder of the dating blog and podcast Tao of Indifference, tells Bustle. "Cuddling after sex in the summer usually lasts about five minutes before one of you decides to bite the bullet and say ’It's too hot, please move your arm.’ In the winter, you're way more likely to cuddle post-sex because it's a great way to stay warm.”

It's true — getting nice and close feels a lot more appealing when it can help warm you up, rather than worrying about whether your partner can tell how much your butt is sweating. But still, from November onwards staying warm is pretty much my top priority. So here are the best positions for winter sex, because getting hot and heavy should keep you nice and warm.

In A Chair
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How To Do It: You can play around with this one — face toward them, face away, or even go for oral. In the winter, I like as much skin-to-skin as possible and this position can offer that.

Why It's Perfect For The Winter: You're close enough to help you both stay warm and it's an intimate position that also has an added kinkiness of having sex somewhere outside the bed. Plus, it's great for clit play. It's a winter winner.

Reverse Cowgirl
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How To Do It: Be careful — you can't see your partner so you want to make sure they're comfortable. Facing their feet, you can lower yourselves onto them and then bump, grind, lean forward, lean back, and just do what feels amazing.

Why It's Perfect For The Winter: It's basically a workout that puts you in control while giving your partner a great view. You both get a lot out of it.

Woman-On-Top Modified
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How To Do It: While your partner leans against the wall or the couch, straddle them and lower yourself down onto them. You can play around with the height of their legs, moving yourself closer or further away to find the perfect angle.

Why It's Perfect For The Winter: It's a sexy position that gives you face-to-face contact, but you can play around with the position to get really deep penetration.

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How To Do It: It might take a second to get into, but then you can really relax in this one. Face each other with your hips slightly above your partner's, then hitch your leg over their hip and pull yourself closer. Don't be afraid to reach for the lube if you're struggling to get the angle right.

Why It's Perfect For The Winter It's basically a hug under the blanket but with penetration. It's the dream.

Modified Doggy
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How To Do It: You can either get some time in traditional doggy and then collapse onto your elbows or — if doggy isn't your thing — start laying on the bed face down while your partner lies on top of you. Lift up onto your arms slightly or try putting a pillow under your hips to get the position right.

Why It's Perfect For The Winter: It's a warm and cozy position but still has really deep penetration and a rougher twist, if you're into that.

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How To Do It: This is another one that can be tricky to get into, but then you can relax and enjoy the ride. Your partner sits cross-legged and then you lower down, wrapping your legs and arms around them.

Why It's Perfect For The Winter: This can be a really intense position if you want it to be and, because of your position, it's also perfect for dirty talk or some sweet nothings.

Side-By-Side 69
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How To Do It: Not everybody loves 69, but I find this is a much sexier variation. Lay top-to-tail rather than one on top of the other and you may find that it's an easier position to relax into and play around. It's also a great position for using toys.

Why It's Perfect For The Winter: You can get pretty damn freaky while still staying under the covers. This position lets you keep your wild side but still be within your comfort zone.

If you're like me and sometimes feel a little less sexually creative in the winter, the right position can make all the difference. Just find something that works for you and your partner, because a little cold spell in the weather shouldn't mean a dry spell in your relationship.