HBO Just Revealed What Month 'Big Little Lies' Season 2 Will Premiere & The First Photo

Jennifer Clasen/HBO

After what probably feels like an eternity for fans, HBO has announced that Big Little Lies' second season will premiere this June, according to a press release. The network didn't reveal the exact date yet, but it's still exciting to know that the next episodes are just a few months away.

The second season, which will include seven episodes, will deal with the aftermath of Perry's death in the Season 1 finale. Meryl Streep is also joining the Big Little Lies cast for the next installment, as Perry's mom, Mary Louise Wright. And, of course, the "Monterey Five," as HBO is apparently calling them, will all be back in action.

Based on the new photos from HBO, it looks like the five moms are back to business as (somewhat) normal. And Bonnie is with the rest of them, so it looks like she isn't facing charges for killing Perry, if the authorities even know she's responsible. She does look reserved, though, hiding behind a large pair of sunglasses and staring at the ground.

The rest of the ladies all seem to be looking at something unsettling that's slightly out of view. It's not clear how much time has passed between Perry's death and the new images. But it looks like they're standing outside their children's school, so it's at least still open after the investigation.

Jennifer Clasen/HBO

On a more fun note, it looks like Jane is rocking bangs this season. She seems to be taking a cue from Celeste and giving her hair a fresh look now that Perry — the father of both of their children — is now out of the picture.

It's hard to believe that first season ended almost two years ago — it's more than time for the show to make its triumphant return. And now that the first photos are here, hopefully the next trailer isn't far behind. So far, all fans have to go on is a few seconds in HBO's trailer for all of its 2019 content, which features Meryl Streep saying, "I want to know what happened that night."

Another photo from Big Little Lies' upcoming second season shows Celeste and Perry's mom sitting at a dinner table, across from one of Celeste's sons. (Side note: Why aren't there coasters under those water and milk glasses? That looks like a beautiful wood table! I'm stressed!)

Hopefully, Mary Louise isn't too hard on Celeste about Perry's death, because it looks like there's some tension going on in this photo. It's not clear how much Streep's character knows about her son's abusive tendencies. But if it is something that Celeste shares with her mother-in-law, it might cause some major friction between them.

Jennifer Clasen/HBO

It might be difficult for Mary Louise to believe that Perry could be capable of abuse and even rape. Still, although his death was shocking, Celeste and her children are likely better off without Perry, especially since she was planning to leave him, anyway.

And as for Madeline, Bonnie, and Renata's husbands, the show's leading male characters (other than Perry) will still be in the picture. A press release from HBO notes that Adam Scott, James Tupper, and Jeffrey Nordling will all be back for Season 2. (Madeline and Ed's relationship might not be on solid ground, though, since he seems to be onto Madeline's affair with Joseph.)

Hopefully, there won't be any more murders in Monterey, because this town has seen enough drama to last a lifetime. And while Perry's loss will surely be hard on Celeste, Jane, and their sons, it looks like they have a good support system in place in the other moms.