These Are The 6 Biggest 'Last Jedi' Theories Star Wars Fans Have To Know

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Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens left fans all over the world with a lot of questions, to say the least. Naturally, Star Wars lovers were quick to fill in the gaps where they could, creating their own answers. Two years later, the six biggest Last Jedi theories fans have going into the movie just might prove to be true. Either that, or these past two years of speculation and chatroom back and forth has all been for naught. Disney has been tight lipped when it comes to Star Wars: The Last Jedi plot points, so who knows if any of these fan theories are even close to the actual film. One thing that is clear: fans won't stop until they get their answers, so let's hope The Last Jedi puts at least a few rumors to rest.

Theories for The Last Jedi (or Star Wars: Episode VIII) have been everywhere since the very last minute of the first ever screening of The Force Awakens. Now, nearly two years later, some theories have been debunked, abandoned, or just left behind. Others, however, have only gained more life. The most popular topic for fan theories: Rey's parentage. (If this new Star Wars trilogy is completed without revealing where Rey gets her Force from, fans might riot.) But Rey isn't the only one generating theories. There's also plenty of speculation surrounding Kylo Ren, Snoke, and Luke Skywalker. Let's dive in.

1. Rey Is A Skywalker

The questions of who Rey's parents are and how they might explain her innate power with the Force are by far the most discussed among the Star Wars fandom — mostly because there's the most available evidence in The Force Awakens to draw some conclusions. One of the most popular theories is that Rey is Luke Skywalker's daughter. It could explain why he dropped her off on Jakku and orphaned her at such a young age — he saw her potential and feared she would go to the dark side or become a target for the newly emerged Kylo Ren (remember those Kylo flashbacks in TFA). However, there are fans who feel that Rey being Luke's daughter is too obvious, which leads us to the next theory on Rey's bloodline.

2. Rey Is Related To Obi-Wan Kenobi

The theory that Rey is somehow related to Obi-Wan Kenobi (a granddaughter perhaps) is also popular among fans. Not only would this explain her connection to the Force and to Luke's lightsaber, it would also give her a way to be connected to the Jedi without joining the ever-growing Skywalker family.

3. Luke Is Evil

What if Luke is actually on the Dark Side? Fans have a love/hate relationship with this theory, which would totally change the way fans view the original trilogy. There are multiple variations on this, but each one ends with Luke being revealed as the true villain of the new trilogy. As detailed by Digital Spy, one version of the Luke Skywalker is evil theory suggests that Luke turned to the Dark Side years ago and that he's the one who turned Kylo Ren and has been pulling his strings all along. Some versions of the theory involve Luke either working with Snoke or using Kylo to get close enough to Snoke to overthrow him and take over the Dark Side for himself.

4. Kylo Is Actually A Good Guy

Many viewers found Kylo's allegiance to Snoke suspect in The Force Awakens — not the least of which is due to the fact that they barely had any interaction. Their complicated relationship coupled with Kylo's emotional outbursts led some to believe that Kylo isn't actually on the Dark Side at all. He's actually working for the Light, trying to defeat Snoke from the inside. Granted, his killing his own father puts a bit of a damper on this theory, but it certainly explains his tortured nature.

5. Rey Will Go Dark

Rey going Dark would definitely put a new spin on the Star Wars fans know and love. The idea that the protagonist we've all come to know and love in The Force Awakens would end up fighting for the Dark Side is, admittedly, a very good twist. It's unclear how this theory would work with others listed above. Will an evil Luke turn her? Or maybe his refusal to discuss anything Jedi-related (as hinted at in the trailers) will drive Rey into Kylo Ren's Force-filled arms? This brings us to the next and final theory...

6. Rey And Kylo Ren Will Work Together

In one of the official trailers for The Last Jedi, it looks like Rey and Kylo might be teaming up. The way the trailer is edited suggests that Rey, desperate to understand "her place" in the Force and the fight between Light and Dark will be tempted by an offer from Kylo Ren to help her understand. This sounds bad for Rey — will Kylo take advantage of her lack of knowledge and turn her to the Dark Side? However, it could potentially mean redemption for Kylo. (It could also work with the whole "Kylo isn't evil" theory.)

Some of these big Star Wars: The Last Jedi theories could end up being true, or none of them could. Director Rian Johnson recently revealed in an interview with ScreenRant that, as an avid reader of fan theories, he hasn't seen anything come close to the real twists and turns fans will see in the film. So, who knows, even the most knowledgable The Last Jedi theorist might find themselves surprised come Dec. 15.