Bill Nye Taps Some Famous Friends To 'Save The World'

Eddy Chen/Netflix

Leave it to Netflix to bring back the '90s nostalgia in a major way. The streaming service's Bill Nye Saves the World is somewhat reminiscent of his old, kid-friendly science show, but has incorporated a lot of new elements, as well as a spanking new lab for all his experiments. One fun inclusion — and proof that Nye is a celebrity among celebrities — is the amount of guest stars on Bill Nye Saves The World. Netflix and Nye pulled out all the stops to get some big names in the studio to help out with experiments and teach people about what's happening in the world.

Each episode of Bill Nye Saves The World is 30 minutes long and has the same general format. It opens with a monologue from Bill explaining the theme of the episode. A few topics that the show addresses are alternative medicines, global warming, artificial intelligence, vaccinations, and GMOs. One of Bill's correspondents will then go out on assignment about the topic. That on-site report is followed up by a discussion with a panel of experts. Finally, there's an experiment in the lab.

Basically this Netflix show is a more sophisticated version of the famous Bill Nye The Science Guy. The target demographic for Bill Nye Saves The World are the people who grew up watching the bow-tied scientist's first series, and that probably includes you.

So which famous faces can you expect to see on Bill Nye Saves The World this season?

Donald Faison

Eddy Chen/Netflix

Who doesn't love a good Turk cameo? You probably know Donald Faison from Scrubs and his magical role as Murray in Clueless, but he has to pull out his science knowledge to help Bill with his experiments.

Zach Braff

Eddy Chen/Netflix

Nothing would make fans more happy than an Scrubs reunion, especially with J.D. And Turk. Unfortunately, former co-stars Donald Faison and Zach Braff don't appear on the show together.

Karlie Kloss

Eddy Chen/Netflix

Kloss is less of a guest star and more of a full-fledged correspondent. It will be exciting for viewers to see what topics she explores during the show and what she's like in real life.

Joel McHale


Joel McHale has been playing a beleaguered office worker on The Great Indoors, but I'm sure the former Soup host has plenty of science jokes up his sleeve too.

Wil Wheaton


Having been on Star Trek and The Big Bang Theory, it's not super surprising that Wil Wheaton got called in for the show. But has he absorbed any real-life science from his past acting gigs.

Rachel Bloom

Eddy Chen/Netflix

Although she spends most of her time as a Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Rachel Bloom is helping out Bill Nye in one of the episodes this season. And it definitely looks like there's a musical number going on here.

Steve Aoki

Eddy Chen/Netflix

Steve Aoki is a very famous DJ and joins the show to aid Bill with an "acid test." They compare a store brand acid reducer with an organic expensive version and see which one works better. The answer may surprise you!

Tim Gunn

Eddy Chen/Netflix

Tim Gunn has made quite the name for himself in the fashion world, but steps out of his area of expertise to lend a hand to science. He does it while wearing a dapper suit, though.

Joanna Hausmann

Eddy Chen/Netflix

Joanna Hausmann, a popular comedy YouTuber, is another one of Bill's correspondents. One of her assignments is going to San Francisco to learn about sound therapy and how it "cures cancer." She basically just gets yelled at all day, so you have that to look forward to!

Derek Muller

Eddy Chen/Netflix

Derek Muller isn't a one-time deal on Bill Nye Saves The World either. Muller pops up in various episodes. He's a perfect addition to the team because of his YouTube science show Veritasium, which has more than four million subscribers.

Emily Calandrelli

Eddy Chen/Netflix

Correspondent Emily Calandrelli is an MIT-trained engineer. She has a show about space and, according to her website, she's a speaker and writer too. She's also done a TED Talk. All of this under the age of 30? Man, do I feel wildly unaccomplished.

Nazeem Hussain


Nazeem Hussain is an Australian comedian and he's been on a bunch of popular shows down there including I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! and Legally Brown. He's also going out on assignments as a correspondent, so expect some laughs with your facts.

Diamond Stone

Eddy Chen/Netflix

Another guest star in the mix is Diamond Stone, a player for the Los Angeles Clippers. Why will this pairing be especially fun to watch? Because Stone is 6'11," and sure to tower over everyone else in the studio.

Honorable Mention: Alton Brown

Eddy Chen/Netflix

Although he's in the trailers for the show, Brown revealed to People that his cameo didn't make the cut in the actual show. “I’m only in the introduction piece before the titles of the show. I’m maybe on for 30 seconds,” he told the mag, adding, “I think I was deemed not young, hip or smart enough.” The move seems a little odd considering Brown's big thing is that he considers cooking to be science. Maybe fans will get to see him in deleted scenes in the future. One could hope!

The guest list clamoring to get on screen with Bill Nye proves that science is fun for celebrities too.