Karlie Kloss Trades The Runway For Bill Nye's Lab

Eddy Chen/Netflix

After teaching a generation of '90s kids that science rules, Bill Nye is back to better humanity with a new series, appropriately titled Bill Nye Saves The World. Saving the world is a massive undertaking, though, and Nye will be getting some help from friends along the way. One of many guests featured on Bill Nye Saves The World is Karlie Kloss: superstar model, noted member of Taylor Swift's "squad," and now science correspondent. So, how did Kloss link up with Bill Nye for this new show?

When you look at Kloss' interests, it makes a lot of sense that she'd be tapped to participate in Nye's latest edutainment outing. Kloss has been working to encourage young women to explore computer science as a career field. She founded the Kode With Klossie program, which provides nearly 300 scholarships in 2017 to girls interested in coding and computers. So why coding? Kloss told The Wall Street Journal, "I was craving a new challenge".

Kloss' passion for getting young people excited about education and making learning accessible is the exact mission that Bill Nye set out to accomplish when he created Bill Nye The Science Guy over two decades ago. Bill Nye fans who only know Kloss from the runway may be surprised to see the model on the Netflix science series, but this new gig is right in line with her philanthropic activities.

Kloss is being joined on the show by engineer Emily Calandrelli, scientist Derek Muller, and comedians Joanna Hausmann and Nazeem Hussain. This broad group of correspondents with different approaches to and experience with scientific fields will help bring Bill Nye's mission of engaging a broader audience in these sometimes intimidating topics.

Bill Nye's original show encouraged the world at large to stay curious and to see science as a fun course of study. Saves The World will not only be introducing a new generation of young would-be scientists to the fields of chemistry, biology, and rocket science, it'll also be a strong force in a time where the very concept of 'science' and 'facts' is under attack by the American government.

Karlie Kloss' involvement in Bill Nye Saves The World is not only a great showcase for Kloss' intellect, but her presence will help bring a lot of viewers to the show who may not have watched it otherwise. Now, more than ever, it's important for people to understand the facts that anti-science interests may attempt to suppress.

Karlie Kloss may have started coding as a hobby, but as a part of this Bill Nye series, she may very well end up helping to save the world.