The 'Bill Nye Saves The World' Theme Song Is Tyler The Creator's Tribute To Science

Eddy Chen/Netflix

Without the theme song to Bill Nye The Science Guy, I would never know that inertia is a property of matter. School helped, but that tune really stuck the landing. The Netflix series Bill Nye Saves The World has a new theme song, but it won't make you long for the '90s too much. Science still rules; there's no need to worry.

Yes, the "Bill, Bill, Bill" is still there. Of course it is. Tyler the Creator wrote and performed the song, and he's a '90s kid himself. He watched Bill Nye The Science Guy on Saturday mornings with the rest of us, and he's not going to let fans down.

Here's a snippet of the song, along with a brief chat between Tyler and Nye. It's clear that the former a fan of both the show and the old theme song. In the video, he talks about how the pacing of the original Science Guy theme could be a house song, with a slightly different beat. "That show got kids to not hate science class," he says, "and that worked." Nye even makes the observation that Tyler the Creator's music expertise has roots in his interest in science, which is lovely to remember. This may not be the collaboration that you would have imagined, but it's kind of perfect. You can really feel the love between these two. It's kind of adorable.

Tyler, The Creator Worldwide on YouTube

Not only is the theme different, but Bill Nye Saves The World is a different show. It's structured almost like a talk show, with correspondents and even a live studio audience. (Don't worry, there are still plenty of experiments.) It's not Bill Nye The Science Guy that you remember, so Bill Nye Saves The World requires a different theme song.

Luckily, as Nye says himself in the video, Tyler the Creator has "got the beat" necessary to make it work. He's even added plenty of familiar elements to the new track that super fans are sure to love.