The 'Black Panther' Teaser Is Officially Here

by Allie Gemmill

Let June 9, 2017 go down as a glorious day in MCU history, because we, the great people of Earth, got to enjoy not only the first poster for Black Panther, but we also got to watch the first Black Panther teaser trailer. The poster is fascinating, without a doubt; however, the teaser trailer — with its focus on suspense, action, Black Panther lore, and thrusting actor Chadwick Boseman front and center as the famous Wakandan superhero — is an A+ effort.

Black Panther will serve as an origin story for T'Challa, the titular hero of the MCU's first film focused on a superhero of color. Set in his home nation of Wakanda, the trailer touches on the prince inheriting the Black Panther mantle, as well as hinting at the growing power struggle that may ultimately serve as the main conflict of the film. Oh, and we can't forget that Black Panther, aka actor Boseman, is looking tough and heroic AF.

That celebration of black superheroism is on full display in the trailer, primarily with it superlative cast — shoutout to Michael B. Jordan and Lupita Nyong'o. In fact, you may notice that a crucial majority of the Black Panther cast is comprised of actors of color at the top of their acting game right now. Black Panther has made a conscious effort to cast POC and make this team as strong as possible, for which I commend director Ryan Coogler and the Black Panther casting department.

When the Black Panther poster was released earlier in the day, there was a lot of curiosity about the throne Black Panther sits on and the symbols that are peppered throughout. It will be curious to see if the movie touches on this symbolism. Perhaps this writing is the motto of Wakanda, or a mantra of Black Panther's, or it hints at something deeper in the Black Panther lore.

But if this teaser is where we're starting with Black Panther, then the full-length movie is bound to be epic.