All The Cameos In Taylor Swift's "ME!" Music Video, From Cats To This Legendary Country Band

by Savannah Walsh

Taylor Swift's new song "ME!" featuring Brendan Urie of Panic! At The Disco dropped on Friday, April 16 and it seems to be all about embracing who you are. There are plenty of cameos in the "ME!" music video to dig into, just in case you missed them the first time around. The video released at midnight on Friday is a technicolor ode to individuality. But that doesn't mean a few fun Easter eggs and cameos didn't flutter into the frame.

Swift's butterfly motif, baby chick photo, and multi-colored handbags were all previewed in the Instagram lead-up to her new song's release. So, while some of these appearances were more expected, others were true surprises. Ahead of the release of the song and music video, Swift told Robin Roberts at the NFL Draft that she loves the fact that her fans investigate the new music. "I can't believe how much they care," Swift said in the interview. "So it makes it more fun for me to create music, to create music videos, knowing that they'll care about little Easter eggs or clues or hints. Like, you have no idea how much fun that is to make stuff for people who care about it that much."

Not only are fans invested, learning every lyric and step of choreography as we speak, but the music video dissection is in full force. So, just who shows up in Swift's new era? Here's the breakdown.


Olivia & Meredith, Naturally

Ok, so it's not too surprising that Swift's beloved felines, Olivia and Meredith would be found lounging on a sofa in the music video. She does, in fact, refer to the cats as her "daughters" in the vid. Aww.


A New Swift Cat?!

What is more suspicious...who is the mystery third cat? During the video Urie tries to appease Swift with with a ring, but it's a kitten that steals her heart. Is Swift becoming a cat mom of three?


'Reputation' Era Snake

Just as the snake (known as Karyn to Swift fans) slithered into Swift's music, it seemed to hiss its way out, making room for a different sort of creature...


Guys, The Butterflies

...after one of the first major teases on Swift's Instagram dealt with butterfly migration, this cameo felt like sweet justice.


"Cool Chicks" Wear Sunglasses

Another Tay tease come true, the baby chickens on her Instagram feed were fixtures in her lyrics and portraits on the wall donning sunglasses.


A Different Kind of Chicks

If you couldn't already tell from the GIF above, none other than the Dixie Chicks made an appearance! Cool chicks, indeed. The group promptly responded via Twitter and Swift replied, "Chicks stans never unstan."


A Nod To Joe Alwyn...?

Anyone keeping score of shoutouts to Joe Alwyn, Swift's S.O., look no further. Some on the Internet are speculating that the London-set locale of the video is a worthy tribute to Swift's current love. If there's anything known about Swift, it's that she loves an under-the-radar cameo. So, this tracks.

Over multiple re-watches and rewinds, new theories about cameos are bound to emerge. Who is Swift if not a master in crafting meaning in the tiniest details?

But there's nothing subtle about her song's message: embracing who you are, while bringing some fun pals along the way.