'Bright Lights' Is Coming To HBO Even Earlier

by S. Atkinson

If you're still in shock over the passing of two of Hollywood's brightest talents — Carrie Fisher, closely followed by her mother Debbie Reynolds — you might want to dedicate some time to learning more about these two iconic women. Luckily, the entertainment industry has you covered, with the release date for Bright Lights: Starring Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds coming earlier than previously anticipated. While Variety had previously cited March as the month the documentary would hit HBO, on Dec. 30, the network announced that, "In light of the recent and unexpected deaths of both Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds, the documentary will debut Saturday, Jan. 7 at 8:00 p.m."

The documentary centers on the mother-daughter relationship of two of the most watchable women on the silver screen. Wonderfully, as the clip below reveals, the pair lived next door to each other and enjoyed the same part scratchy, part humorous relationship I can imagine a good number of us can relate to. Bright Lights has already received positive reviews from the likes of The Hollywood Reporter, who stated "the relaxed feel of the access keeps it warmly engaging, and the tremendous affection evident from the filmmakers for their subjects is quite contagious."

After viewing the clips that have been made available so far, one thing's clear: it's definitely a documentary you should be pencilling in to watch with your mother, because the fact that they were such different people but still got on well enough to live next door to each other is serious #goals.

Which isn't to suggest that the documentary is falsely gushy or sugar-sweet. What I love about what we've seen so far of the footage is how extremely candid Fisher is about her relationship with her mother. Like when she states,

My mother is performing a show in Connecticut. I tried to stop her, but that is like throwing yourself in front of a... what are those called? Not tiramisus... Tsunamis. See, she's tsu-mommy.

Did you get a twinge of recognition there? Same. It's good (if unsurprising) to hear that Reynolds, who starred in major movies like Singin' In The Rain, is every bit as formidable as your own mother. And the contrast between the casually dressed Fisher and her perfectly styled mother suggests generation gaps aren't something that have been invented by millennials and their parents.

Handout/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

But while the 95-minute documentary, which was shot in 2015, shows us scenes from the pair's daily life, it also delves deeper, with The Telegraph reporting that it shows Fisher discussing her struggles with bipolar disorder. In fact, the final half hour of the documentary shows Fisher during a manic episode.

It's sure to be a fascinating watch — so make it count and ask your mother to join you in hunkering down for an evening paying tribute to two seriously wonderful women and their warm, complex relationship with each other.