That Theory About Cersei Faking Her Pregnancy On 'Game of Thrones' Isn't As Dead As You Think It Is

Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO

Cersei is willing to do whatever it takes to get what she wants. She's killed thousands to ensure that she remains in power and shows no interest in letting go of it. She's been the woman behind the Iron Throne since the beginning of the series, and she has allowed violence and cruelty to sustain her power. Now, as The Great War approaches, some fans suspect that she's also using deceit to help her stay in power. It's suspected that Queen Cersei is fake pregnant, but to what end? What could Cersei accomplish by convincing her brothers that she is having a child?

Fans have noticed everything from the announcement of her pregnancy to Jamie to the move of her own hand over her stomach in front of Tyrion and have come to a conclusion. Everything Cersei does seems to feel just a little too rehearsed. Cersei has never been one to openly show vulnerability, so why is she showing vulnerability to Jamie one moment and then calling for the betrayal of Jon and Dany's armies, all in the name of her unborn child? She may be using the yet-to-be-named child as a bargaining chip.

If Cersei is lying, it's certainly an elaborate ruse. She has not only had to convincingly tell her brother, but she also had to get others on board to confirm her claim. She then needed to be seen by Tyrion grabbing for her stomach. Worst of all, Cersei has had to give up her favorite drink in the world, red wine, to maintain the ruse. It's all an elaborate act that will surely come into question if a baby is not born, but what does she hope to accomplish?

A fake pregnancy could be a way to protect her from those who know her the most. As Queen Cersei has taken more drastic actions in the name of the Iron Throne, she's watched her brother and lover Jamie fade away from her. Jamie Lannister was once a Kingslayer and she may be suspecting that he could become a Queenslayer. The promise of a child could be enough to keep him from ending her reign, or at least buy her time to commit a few more acts of betrayal or terrorism.

But then why lie to Tyrion? Cersei getting Tyrion to think that she is pregnant may have set the stage from one of Game of Thrones' biggest betrayals yet.

Tyrion seems to accept Cersei's pregnancy along with a change of heart. He seems to believe Cersei's new lineage has inspired her to fight for Westeros, if only to protect herself. However, Cersei later revealed that she had no interest in assisting Tyrion. Did Cersei lie about her pregnancy for the chance to betray Tyrion out of revenge for the death of their father?

If Cersei is faking her pregnancy, it's not yet clear why she is. Signs point to it being a possibility, particularly because it goes against the prophecy she received from Maggy the Frog in Season 5. The prophecy stated that she would have three children and that she would outlive them all. Either Cersei's pregnancy is fake or Maggy's prophecy has been a lie all along. Whatever ends up being the truth, Cersei's pregnancy will have major implications in the final season of Game of Thrones.