You Have To See This MAJOR 'Full House' Reference In 'Fuller House' Season 4

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Fuller House has never been one to shy away from making references to things from the '80s and '90s. It makes sense since that's when Full House show originally ran. But the Fuller House Season 4 Charlie's Angels episode took viewers back to the '70s. Not only did fans get to see some great throwback outfits and hear cheesy '70s-style songs, but the episode had one great Full House reference and a ton of retro guest stars.

During the episode, D.J., Stephanie, and Kimmy go on what they think is a '70s themed cruise. But it's actually a cruise for people over 70. Enter Lee Majors and Lindsay Wagner. The two stars got a huge reaction from Fuller House's live audience, and rightfully so. Majors and Wagner were big stars in the '70s, starring on The Six Million Dollar Man together. The show ran from 1973 to 1978 and featured Majors as the cyborg star with superhuman powers who worked to save the world from evil. According to TV Line, Wagner co-starred on the show and eventually got a spinoff titled The Bionic Woman.

On Fuller House, Wagner and Majors played a fancy couple on the cruise named Millie and James. But they weren't the only '70s stars on the ship.


Also notable was Lainie Kazan who played Irma, another guest on the cruise. Kazan didn't have any major starring roles in the '70s, but she did had guest parts on several shows. And she eventually went on to be in '90s hit The Nanny.

The Charlie's Angels episode also featured references to classic '70s shows like, well, Charlie's Angels — whom D.J., Steph, and Kimmy emulated with their '70s costumes and hair flipping. Joey also made a joke about how private investigator show Vega$ came on right after Charlie's Angel's. He recited the tune in call in the perfect dramatic TV tone: "Charlie's Angels, followed by an all new episode of Vega$."

And after James and Millie were seen cuddling on the ship's bow, D.J. jokes that "the night stared as Charlie's Angels and it ended at the Love Boat," also another great '70s show. But while the episode was all '70s — from the hair to the clothes to the diamond theft plot to the cheesy music that played — there was one plain old Full House reference that you might have missed in all the '70s chaos.

When D.J. is trying to capture the diamond thief , she threw a lifesaver ring over the suspected culprit. And while the robbery turned out to be a big misunderstanding anyway, the lifesaver stunt revealed something really cute about the boat.


It's the S.S. Papouli — aka what Michelle, Stephanie, and D.J. called their beloved grandpa (Jesse's dad) growing up on Full House. Tragically he passed away in the Season 7 episode "The Last Dance."

It was an uncharacteristically sad episode, with Papouli's passing affecting the usually cheerful mood in the Tanner house. But eventually the family decided to live life to the fullest in Papouli's honor, and Danny bought a boat and named it after Papouli.

With a life preserver and everything.

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It doesn't seem like the insinuation is that it's the same boat in Fuller House. Rather, the Fuller House nod to the Papouli life preserver was a fun reference to the original show and a beloved character.

It may have been buried in an episode filled with '70s guest stars, but the true star was the sweet reference.