The Cheesecake Factory's Cinnamon Roll Pancakes Recipe Is Here To Up Your Brunch Game

The Cheesecake Factory Shared Its Cinnamon Roll Pancakes Recipe
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What do you get when you cross two delicious breakfast foods? No need to ponder for too long as The Cheesecake Factory has taken it upon themselves to answer that question for all of us. Yes, The Cheesecake Factory has shared its cinnamon roll pancakes recipe, giving us all the breakfast food hybrid we didn’t know we needed. It’s a pancake! It’s a cinnamon roll! It’s suddenly what all your at-home brunches require.

You likely have most if not all of the ingredients to make this cinnamon-y concoction. The recipe starts off fairly straightforward with your traditional pancake component — flour, sugar, baking powder, eggs. The Cheesecake Factory also includes buttermilk in their batter. (If you can’t find buttermilk at your store, or just don’t want to go out for another trip, you can make an easy buttermilk substitute by mixing 1 tablespoon of lemon juice or white vinegar into a cup of regular milk.) However, the key is in the “cinnamon swirl,” aka the sugary, gooey ribbon that turns these babies from pancakes into a cinnamon roll-pancake delight.

Making the cinnamon swirl is also pretty simple. You’ll just need to combine butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, and cream. Then, you’ll need to use all your will power not to eat the cinnamon swirl on its own. You’ll add the cinnamon swirl once you’ve ladled out the batter onto a griddle. Finally, you can drizzle your cinnamon roll pancake with vanilla frosting and top with powdered sugar. You could also top it with cream cheese frosting and another hefty drizzle of the cinnamon swirl mixture. Your cinnamon roll pancake, your rules. Check out the full recipe for Cinnamon Roll Pancakes on The Cheesecake Factory’s website.

If you’re going for an “all cinnamon roll everything” breakfast, your options will be far from limited. International Delight has Cinnabon coffee creamer that is exactly what it sounds like. The non-dairy creamer features the flavor of cinnamon rolls and cream cheese frosting. So, you can eat your cinnamon roll and drink it, too.

Going for a boozier brunch? There is a flavored liqueur for you as well. In 2018, Cinnabon released a line of creme liqueurs in two flavors: Horchata Crème Liqueur and Cinnamon Crème Liqueur. While Cinnabon no long appears to sell the liqueurs from their website, you can still buy the Horchata Crème Liqueur from online alcohol seller Total Wine.

If you’re looking to give into the inevitable and turn your cinnamon roll pancake into a full-on dessert, there’s Cinnabon ice cream to help you in that journey. The cinnamon and vanilla ice cream includes swirls of cinnamon roll flavor, as well as pieces of cinnamon dough bites. It is proof that the dessert gods love us and want us to be happy.

While you're trying out the cinnamon roll pancakes, you should also check out The Cheesecake Factory's recipe for lemon-ricotta pancakes. As their name suggests, they take a typical pancake batter and fold in a mixture of lemon zest and ricotta. If nothing else, they'll be a nice, fruity balance to your stack of cinnamon roll pancakes.

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