Everything You Need To Remember About 'CAOS' Part 2 Before Starting The New Season

Kiernan Shipka as Sabrina in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 2
Diyah Pera/Netflix

It can be difficult to keep track of all of the chilling adventures Sabrina Spellman has had on her eponymous Netflix show. Within the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 2 alone, she began dating Nick Scratch (who was secretly working with her father, the Dark Lord), killed a group of witch hunters, and almost became the daughter-bride of Satan. Now, she's about to embark on an even deadlier journey: she's headed to hell. If you don't remember why, here's a handy recap of Part 2 before Chilling Adventures returns.

Love Was In The Air

Despite a brief make-out session, Harvey and Sabrina called it quits for good in Part 2. That left Harvey and Roz to start dating and Sabrina and Nick to become a couple. Sabrina's aunts also had their own romantic affairs. Hilda and Doctor Cerberus got together, though their relationship faced a hiccup in the form of an incubus — a sex demon that takes control of Doctor C.'s body whenever he is aroused. Zelda also married Father Blackwood, but she made it abundantly clear that she was doing it to gain power in the Church of Night, not for love.

Meanwhile, Ms. Wardwell's fiancé Adam (portrayed by Alexis Denisof of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fame) returned to his beloved without realizing she had been possessed by Madam Satan. Unsurprisingly, things did not end well: Satan tricked Lilith into eating Adam, which was particularly twisted considering she seemed to have developed a soft spot for the mortal man. Ambrose's former flame Luke was unfortunately killed by a witch hunter, but he ended up in the arms of Prudence.

Diyah Pera/Netflix

Theo Came Out As Transgender

Theo didn't get a romantic plot in Part 2 (that'll change in Part 3), but he did take a huge step with his gender identity. After Sabrina helped Theo land a spot on the boy's basketball team at Baxter High, he was moved to tell Roz and Harvey that he no longer wanted to be called Susie, and would be going by Theo now.

Father Blackwood Tried To Take Down... Well, Everyone

Upon deciding that the doctrines of the Church of Night no longer suited him, Father Blackwood created the misogynist Judas Society, giving the warlocks an imbalance of power. Sabrina later discovered her parents had been on the way to present her father Edward's much more progressive rulings to the Anti-Pope, but Father Blackwood caused their plane to crash, killing them both. When the Anti-Pope came to Greendale to preside over Blackwood and Zelda's wedding, Sabrina presented him with her father's manifesto, but then Blackwood assassinated the Anti-Pope and framed his "Top Boy" of the Academy, Ambrose, for the murder. He also expelled Sabrina and Nick for attempting to stop his marriage to Zelda.

Still not satisfied, Blackwood tried to oust Sabrina from the church by painting her as dissenting to the Council, as well as get Ambrose executed. However, after the Dark Lord showed up to spare Ambrose, the Council stripped Blackwood of his Anti-Pope interim title. He ended up killing most of the Church of Night with poison and fleeing. Ambrose and Prudence finished the season vowing to find Blackwood and kill him.

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Sabrina Became All-Powerful

Sabrina was already a pretty mighty witch, but her powers grew tenfold in Part 2. She was able to defeat a band of witch hunters on her own, raise witches and warlocks from the dead, control the weather, stop Roz from becoming blind, and bring back Ambrose's familiar. All of these new powers made Sabrina realize she was the Herald of Hell, which meant she was part of a prophecy said to open the gates of hell and bring about the apocalypse.

To stop this prophecy from occurring, Ambrose helped Sabrina make a double of herself which contained all of her magical powers. She lost her own abilities in the process, but the hope was that she could stop Satan's return by killing her magical doppelgänger, as a powerless Sabrina couldn't bring about the apocalypse. This dangerous plan was all Ms. Wardwell's idea, and it was what finally led Sabrina to figure out that her teacher was actually Lilith, who had been guiding Sabrina to open the gates of hell this whole time.

Diyah Pera/Netflix

Sabrina & Ms. Wardwell Joined Forces To Defeat Satan

Once Sabrina killed her double, she fulfilled the prophecy. Satan returned to Earth in his original angel form of Lucifer and demanded that she rule as his queen. Making matters worse, Sabrina learned that the Dark Lord is her father — not Edward Spellman. However, Lilith had hoped the Dark Lord would make her his queen, which led her to team up with the Spellmans and destroy him. After a few failed attempts, they were able to trap Satan in Nick's body; it was revealed that Nick only got close to Sabrina because the Dark Lord had ordered him to, so he sacrificed himself as the human vessel.

Women Took The Power

With Satan trapped in Nick, Lilith was free to rule the underworld as queen. She gave Sabrina her magical powers back and revived the real Ms. Wardwell. Meanwhile, with Blackwood gone, Zelda took control over the Church of Night as the High Priestess, proposing they might become the Church of Lilith. Sabrina ended the season by forming a "Fright Club" with Harvey, Roz, and Theo and vowing they would get Nick back from hell — and free from her father. We'll see how that plan goes in Chilling Adventures Part 3.