'Claws' Will Be Your Next Guilty Pleasure

The claws are out… literally. The new trailer for Claws — the upcoming TNT dramedy about a Miami nail salon produced by Rashida Jones (Parks And Recreation) and starring Niecy Nash (Scream Queens) and Carrie Preston (The Good Wife) — roared its way online this Monday, with all the epic nail action that its title implies. Oh, and there's also quippy one-liners, bloody corpses, ridiculous outfits, and actual alligators. So basically, Claws is going to be the guilty pleasure to end all guilty pleasures when it premieres on June 11.

It's appropriate that the trailer debuted the day after Big Little Lies ended its run, since, like that acclaimed HBO series, Claws looks to craft a compelling story of female friendships, ambitions, and struggles against a sudsy backdrop of crime, intrigue… and murrrderrr. Just as Big Little Lies did before it, Claws will hook its viewer with its guilty pleasure trappings — but hopefully they'll stay for the colorful characters and subversive social commentary.

But just because there's clearly more going on under the glossy, manicured surface of Claws, that doesn't mean the guilty pleasure aspects of the show should go unappreciated! Here are the nine most hilarious moments from the trailer that prove this show will be the must-watch sensation of the summer:

1. This Group Secret Handshake

There's an immediate feeling of chemistry between our central group of ladies, as evidenced by this adorable secret handshake they all share — presumably before beginning their busy day of money laundering, murder, and grueling mani-pedis.

2. This Epic Strut

Those outfits! That hair! Those nails! And most importantly, that confidence! They look good and they know it.

3. This Anti-Gun PSA

Lesson learned: when your friend hands you a loaded weapon, don't squeeze the trigger. You would think that would be gun safety lesson No. 1, but ain't nobody got time for that when you've got Floridian gangsters to intimidate.

4. This Alligator Wrestling

I don't even know the context of this scene but part of me doesn't really want to. I like to imagine that alligator wrestling is just part of everyday life down there in the Sunshine State.

5. This Blinged-Out Villain

Yes, that's Hank Schrader. Apparently he survived that run-in with the neo-Nazis, moved from New Mexico to Florida, and — traumatized by his experiences with Heisenberg — became a drug kingpin in his own right. (At least, that's what happened in my Breaking Bad/Claws crossover fanfic.)

6. This Expert Corpse Disposal

I also do all my corpse disposal while wearing a two-piece bikini and a pink fur coat. I find that it's the subtlest of outfits for such a delicate task.

7. This Astute Observation

"Y'all got some real idiots up in here," bemoans one hoity-toity customer. "Baby, it's what we do," responds Nash's Desna before Preston's Polly chimes in: "Biggest export after oranges." It's clear that Polly will be just as quippy and quirky as Elsbeth Tascioni, Preston's iconic Good Wife lawyer.

8. These Facial Expressions

(From L-R): Nonplussed, "You've got to be kidding me," #overit, deer-in-headlights.

9. This Manscaping Tutorial

Here we learn that Desna doesn't just do nails; apparently she also runs a side business from home… trimming hair.

Check out the full trailer for Claws below.

See these lovely ladies in action when Claws premieres on TNT on Sunday, June 11, at 9:00 p.m. ET.