Drogon May Have Met His Match On 'GoT'


Game of Thrones has a way to taking away everything that fans love and Sunday night, they threatened to take away Daenerys' beloved dragons. That's right, Drogon, Viserion and Rhaegal have officially entered the fray now that Dany and the Dothraki ambushed the Lannister army at Highgarden. After Drogon lit the entirety of the Lannister army on fire, it was looking like Dany would be unstoppable, thanks to her spicy babies. Unfortunately, Cersei's giant crossbow was used against Drogon and he was injured as a result. So, will Drogon die on Game of Thrones?

The episode showed Bronn hitting Drogon (while Dany was riding on his back) with the giant crossbow contraption and the dragon started going down, hard. He managed to cough out one more line of fire before he took to the ground and appeared to be in some serious distress. As Dany was distracted, fiercely attempting to remove the giant spear from Drogon's shoulder area, Jamie saw his moment and rode directly at her, brandishing his own spear at breakneck speed. Well, Drogon wasn't going to let harm come to his momma, even when he wasn't feeling well, and he went ahead and shot a fire burp Jamie's way. At the last second, an unknown soldier (possibly Bronn) pushed Jamie out of the way of the flames, and into the water.

Of course, fans immediately wondered what the hell what happening with Drogon's health. Luckily, previews for next week's episode show that he is in fact alive and seems to be doing rather well, actually. Drogon is shown flying, sitting regally by his momma, and even yelling at Jon Snow — which is both worrisome and hilarious.

So, fear not friends. He may have been out of the game for a moment, but like the mythical beast that he is, Drogon lives to fry another day.