The Clues That Madison Wins 'The Bachelor' Are Getting Really Hard To Ignore

John Fleenor/Walt Disney Television/Getty Images

Peter Weber may feel confident that his season of The Bachelor can't be spoiled, but that won't stop fans from theorizing which of his six remaining contestants will ultimately nab his final rose. Most of the women have developed strong connections with Peter at this point, but the clues that Madison wins the show are becoming hard to ignore.

So far, Peter has remained expectedly tight-lipped about how his season ends, neither confirming nor denying that he gets engaged. That being said, he did give a few extremely vague hints during a recent appearance on Live with Kelly and Ryan, saying that he's "very happy" with the way his journey came to a close. "I followed my heart until the very last second of this whole experience," he told Ripa and Seacrest earlier this month. "I'm in a good place."

Could that good place be with Madison? Viewers may have to wait until the finale to find out the official answer, but honestly, all you need to do is look back on their relationship thus far to see the proof.

She's Already Parent-Approved

For their first one-on-one date, Peter took Madison home — not only to meet his parents, but to attend their vow renewal ceremony. Peter has made it clear how much his family means to him, so he wouldn't invite just anyone on such an important date. And if he knows his family already likes Madison, it could make him all the more likely to pick her in the end (could she be the woman his mom is talking about in the trailer?).


She Didn't Receive The First Impression Rose

That may not typically sound like great news, but considering that no first impression rose recipient has gone on to win The Bachelor (for The Bachelorette, it's a different story), it could definitely bode well for Madison's chances of nabbing that final rose.

She Hasn't Caused Drama

Most of Peter's contestants can't seem to stop fighting with each other, but Madison has stayed out of it all, which is something that Peter will hopefully appreciate more and more as the number of remaining women continues to dwindle down.

She's Praised Peter On Social Media

"Woke up feeling super grateful.. the most perfect date with the perfect guy," Madison captioned an Instagram photo shortly after their first date. That certainly sounds like someone who walked away from this season a winner.

She Knows What She Wants

Peter has said numerous times that his biggest fear is falling for someone who doesn't reciprocate those feelings. That's why, as much as he likes Victoria F. and Hannah Ann, he's struggled in his relationships with them because they haven't made it clear where they stand. He's never felt that type of insecurity with Madison, however, and has remarked on several occasions that it feels like they've known each other forever. That could very well be what gives him the confidence he needs to get down on one knee at the end of the season.