The ‘Daily Show’ Dedicates A Hysterical "In-Memoriam" Clip To The Mooch's Short Tenure

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

On Monday evening, Trevor Noah's The Daily Show crafted a faux "memoriam" for Anthony Scaramucci, Trump's quickly-ousted communications director. The brief memoriam clip perfectly captures the apparent absurdity of Scaramucci's very short-lived tenure as White House communications director.

Noah opened his show by expressing his shock that Scaramucci was already leaving, even though he "just got there." Noah also pointed out that, ironically, Scaramucci's official start date for his job as communications director was not until Aug. 15 — meaning that Scaramucci was actually fired from his position before he even had a chance to officially start work. The late night host also compared Scaramucci's tenure to a short-lived "song of the summer," who came into people's lives, "made everyone obsessed with him for like a week and then left them with nothing but memories and a bunch of weird moves."

Noah then proceeded to play a mock "in-memoriam" clip dedicated to Scaramucci. The clip opened with Scaramucci stating several times how much he loved and was loyal to President Trump. It then featured a screenshot and reading of one of Scaramucci's infamous quotes to the New Yorker about Steve Bannon, in which he used a significant amount of profanity and references to male genitalia. The memoriam clip closed with Scaramucci waving goodbye and with the dates of his tenure as communications director flashing across the screen: late July 2017 - slightly later July 2017.

Monday's show is not the first time Noah has done a segment on Scaramucci. Last week, right after Scaramucci's tenure began, Noah mocked the former communications director for his apparent inability to keep a secret. Noah cited an example of when, during an interview with Jake Tapper of CNN's State of the Union, Scaramucci quickly admitted that an anonymous source that he had cited was none other than the president, seemingly rather easily throwing his boss "under the bus." Noah took Scaramucci to task for the incident, saying, "Scaramucci revealed his anonymous source just to try to win an argument with Jake Tapper...If I were Trump, I’d be a little worried about this right now."

During the same show in a "between the segments" clip, Noah also hypothesized that Trump is actually secretly envious of Scaramucci, saying that Scaramucci represents how he thinks Trump envisions himself. Noah also pointed out the similarities in the body language of the two men.

Overall, Noah has certainly dedicated a good deal of airtime to discussing the seemingly perpetually unpredictable Scaramucci during his very short-lived tenure as communications director. Noah's most recent piece honoring Scaramucci "in memoriam" perfectly epitomized the chaos and ridiculousness of "The Mooch's" one-week stint in his White House position