The Dean Scene In The 'Gilmore Girls' Revival Shows That He Ended Up Where He Should Have

Neil Jacobs/Netflix

He may not be the most popular of Rory's boyfriends, but Dean Forester certainly had one an eventful life in Stars Hollow. What happens to Dean in the Gilmore Girls revival? The Netflix revival caught up with the first boy to catch Rory's heart. MAJOR SPOILERS ahead for the Netflix series.

Dean and Rory ran into each other in the episode "Fall," right back at Doose's market where he used to work. Unlike Rory, he was just in town momentarily to see his parents.

Rory's first love now lives in Scranton. He is married to a girl named Ginny, and they have three kids. His little sister Clara has a boyfriend now, named Wolfgang. Their catchup was honestly the sweetest scene, and I don't even like Dean, so that's saying a lot. He casually alluded to his and Rory's scandalous affair back in Season 4 of the original series, but it was mostly fond memory sharing for the duo during the brief encounter.

And, there was no chance that they were going to get back together. Finally, Dean has moved on, and he seems much better off for it. Instead, the Gilmore Girls revival was a chance to focus on the positive, remember the good stuff, and be thankful for how things ended up.