Why Logan & Dean Aren't Endgame For Rory

Newflash: The eagerly awaited, highly anticipated Gilmore Girls revival arrives on Netflix very soon. Like, in approximately four days — November 25, to be precise — kind of soon. Nevermind that Thanksgiving is also happening. November 2016 is special for one reason and one reason alone: We get to finally (finally!) find out who Rory ends up with and which of her exes goes to console themselves with a cup of coffee. Ahead of the anticipated Netflix release, two new photos have popped up that I think are incredibly telling about who Rory will end up with and, as a Team Jess gal myself, I am very confident in telling you right here and now that Logan and Dean are absolutely not endgame for the youngest Gilmore girl.

What gives me the right to make such a bold claim? Well, let's break down this picture of Logan first. Yes, he's looks handsome as anything. That smile? Adorable. That casually confident repose? My heart just skipped a beat. But even if Logan is in Star's Hollow for a day or two, I absolutely do not think that Logan is Rory's forever guy. At best, Rory calls on Logan to help her figure out her path in life, warranting a return visit to her hometown. Is he looking up new job opportunities for Rory on his fancy tablet? Is he going to sing her a song while strumming that guitar in the background after they share a cup of coffee?

That smirk on his face indicates he knows something that Rory doesn't (like her deep wells of potential success, which he may help her tap into) and he's going to counsel her to be her best self. We know that Logan has a deep and abiding love for Rory, so imagining that he'd drop whatever business he has in London to come help his former flame out isn't too much of a stretch. To further drive the point home, he's been relatively quiet in the upcoming promos and this is the same image we see for a split second in the revival trailer, I have no trouble believing Logan is firmly in the friend-zone at this point in Rory's life.

Meanwhile, Dean is still chilling out in Doose's, cool as a cucumber and not a care in the world. It's very telling that we're not seeing Dean in any location outside of Doose's. The Stars Hollow supermarket is especially meaningful to Dean and Rory, considering this is the place where they had their first kiss. This new photo proves, to me, that Rory actually does run into Dean upon returning from Stars Hollow and this is just a happy chance meeting. The look on Dean's face indicates the fun occasion. If we recall from the earlier trailer, we saw Dean looking back for a split second before leaving Doose's, ostensibly towards Rory.

This photo only serves to bolster that fact that Rory, in returning home and trying to find her way again (and out of the thirty-something club) reconvenes randomly with Dean and just as quickly as he walked into her life, he walks out of it again. Her late-season history with Dean (remember the affair?) could have had a lasting impact; married or not, I don't think anyone should get excited for Dean to take up permanent residence by Rory's side.

And with that, I think it's pretty clear who Rory is going to end up with: Jess. In the off chance that she doesn't go completely rogue and decide to date herself for the forseeable future, you'll have a hard time convincing me that Jess is not her true soulmate. The evidence is all there: the witty banter over a strong drink, the eager coat-grabbing on the porch of what is either The Dragonfly or the Gilmore house, and the repeated appearances of Jess to counsel Rory are just proof positive that Jess is the one.

Say what you will, but I think it's time to wave good-bye to Logan and Dean as possible endgamers, guys. The proof is in the pudding.

Images: Courtesy of Netflix (3)