A New 'Hamilton' Song Just Dropped & Fans Can't Seem To Get Enough

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images; babjex/Twitter

In awesome news, on Friday, Dec. 15, Lin-Manuel Miranda dropped a new Hamilton song, and fans already can’t seem to get enough of the catchy tune. The single, which is titled "Ben Franklin's Song," features a roll-out of Miranda's most recent lyrical offerings set to music from indie-rock band, The Decemberists. The catchy new song has been revealed to be part of a larger project coming from the playwright, which he notably dubbed The Hamildrops.

A press release, which was shared with Variety, describes Hamildrops as long-running mixtape that will offer fans "new Hamilton content" every month for the next year. The news comes as a perfect holiday surprise for fans of the musical, who will seemingly get 12 new songs to rock out to in 2018. Miranda dropped the first track off his latest project early on Dec. 15. The melodic, expletive-laced tune was met with great pleasure by followers of the talented lyricist.

The song kicks off with the singer inferring that the world should be thankful for Ben Franklin's inventive contribution to the discovery of electricity. Entertaining from beginning to end the, perhaps, most striking moment of the single enters when, lyrical delivery offers listeners the bravado reminder that he's "Benjamin F*cking Franklin." Yep, that seriously happens — and it's amazing. The fades out with further emphasis:

"(Do you know who the f*ck I am?) Who the f*ck I am?
(Do you know who the f*ck I am?) Who the f*ck I am?
(Do you know who the f*ck I am?)
I am Poor-Richard’s-Almanack-writing
Polymath, bifocal-wearing
Hardened glass-harmonica-playing
Benjamin F*ckin’ Franklin"

The melody is entrancing, while the lyrical content is certainly something that'll easily keep your interest with just one listen.

Wildly entertained by Miranda's latest offering, fans jumped to Twitter to share their thoughts on the tune.

1. Real Tears

News of the new project sent one fan through a repetition of crying fits.

2. Playlist Complete

This fan can't wait for more, promising to keep the song on repeat until the next installment arrives in January.

3. We Are Not Worthy

One commenter doesn't feel deserving of monthly gifts headed their way.

4. Makes You Wanna Dance

Another fan used a meme to express how excited they were over the Hamildrop release.

5. Saving Grace

Meanwhile, this enthusiast has named Miranda the real MVP of 2018.

6. Naughty & Nice

Another social media user is totally here for "Ben Franklin's Song"'s explicit lyrics.

7. Work Of Art

Using the song's notable expletive, this fan points out the single's perfection.

8. Aye!

This fan can't contain their enthusiasm, sharing a GIF of Miranda showing off some major dance moves.

9. How Much Is Too Much?

Another person has a serious question about listening to the song on repeat.

10. Franklin Fri-Yay

The song is helping to usher this listener straight into vacay mode.

While it remains unclear just how many other artists Miranda will collaborate with on the new Hamildrops project, details of his recent press release shared by Variety offer more insight on the background of his latest musical foray. He explained,

“A year ago this month we released The Hamilton Mixtape. It was the culmination of so many dreams come true. Every artist, every interpretation represented the original impulse I had for this story, even before this thing was a musical."

Revealing that the new release is in lieu of the promise he made to drop Hamilton Mixtape Vol. 2, he went on to reveal that his new Hamildrops is something totally different. Miranda continued,

“I know I promised you a Hamilton Mixtape Vol. 2, but nothing’s gonna match those songs in that order, beautifully sequenced by @J.period, at that moment in December 2016 ... ALL THAT BEING SAID… I STILL HAVE ALL THIS DOPE NEW SH*T TO SHARE WITH YOU."

As Benjamin Franklin's Song continues to stream its way into the hearts of listeners everywhere, it's safe to say that fans of Hamilton and Lin-Manuel Miranda are having the best Christmas season ever.