The 'Dirty Dancing' Reboot Poster Is A Classic

Randy Shropshire/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Imagining any other actors in the roles of Frances "Baby" Houseman and Johnny Castle besides Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze seems downright sacrilegious. However, Entertainment Weekly debuted the official poster for ABC's Dirty Dancing remake, and I must admit Abigail Breslin and newcomer Colt Prattes appear to have nailed the sexiness of the coming of age story. The poster is a direct homage to the original, featuring the two striking the pose of the swoon-worthy dance move that Baby found it so hard not to giggle through.

As a major fan of Dirty Dancing, I find it comforting to see ABC is being respectful of the original film. Remaking a classic love story, especially one so many people grew up watching, is a tricky business. The new Dirty Dancing needs to be its own thing, while still grounding the story with the familiar beats of Baby and Johnny's romance — which is one reason I am glad the '60s era Catskills setting is not being swapped for something more modern.

Breslin has grown up in front of the camera, from her turn as the adorable child actor in Little Miss Sunshine to being one of the Chanels in Scream Queens. In many ways, she seems like a natural fit to play a young woman whose family still considers her a child, even though she's on the verge of heading off to college. Many viewers likely still see Breslin as the adorable child actress she once was, and by playing Baby she will have an opportunity to show the world she really is all grown up.

As for Prattes, Dirty Dancing is his first major role, but chances are you have seen him before. The actor first showed off his amazing moves in Pink's "I Try" video, proving he has what it takes to pull off Johnny's passion for music and dance. While you will have to wait for the first trailer to drop to see him in action, Prattes certainly has the talent and heartthrob vibes necessary to play the misunderstood "bad boy" with a heart of gold.

However, the best reason to be excited for ABC's three-hour remake actually involves the man behind the camera. Hamilton choreographer and Tony winner Andy Blankenbuehler is the official Dirty Dancing choreographer. With him guiding Breslin and Prattes, the dancing routines are sure to be unforgettable. The movie is also committed to using both the icon songs from the '80s movie, as well as adding new ones. Surely, that means there will be new dance routines to fall in love with too.

To be fair, the rest of the cast is pretty wonderful too. Joining Breslin and Prattes are Debra Messing, Sarah Hyland, Katey Sagal, and Billy Dee Williams. They are certainly a worthy crew, although I would not say no to a surprise Kelly Bishop guest appearance.

While there is no way to top the original, Dirty Dancing fans should feel comforted knowing the movie's legacy is in good hands.