How James Franco, Seth Rogen & More Stars Transformed For 'The Disaster Artist'

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In James Franco's new movie The Disaster Artist, audiences finally get a glimpse on what went on behind the scenes in the making of 2003's The Room. That means that all of your favorite characters from Tommy Wiseau's cult movie also appear in Franco's. And comparing The Disaster Artist cast to the real people shows that they all look almost exactly alike, too, so if you're already a fan of The Room, you won't need to use your imagination much while watching the movie that goes behind the scenes of it. You'll feel like you're actually watching The Room being made, and that means you'll finally get to see Lisa's reactions to her awkward sex scenes with Johnny, plus so much more.

It's always fun to see the Hollywood versions of real-life people, but The Disaster Artist is extra fun because everyone in The Room were real actors in Hollywood. Therefore, the biggest differences between the actors in The Disaster Artist and their characters are the changes in styles that occurred between when The Room was made and now.

Everyone involved in making The Disaster Artist did an incredible job with basically re-making The Room. After all, in order to reveal what went on behind the scenes during filming, The Disaster Artist had to show the scenes themselves. Franco's movie, which comes out on Dec. 1, gives audiences the chance to relive some of their favorite scenes from the movie within the movie. From the football game in the alley to Tommy's dramatic suicide, The Disaster Artist a lot of the time feels a lot like The Room. Take a look at who plays each character from the cult-favorite, and revel in the moviemaking magic.

James Franco As Tommy Wiseau

In an interview with Variety, Franco revealed that he wore prosthetics that took two and a half hours to apply. "We used cheeks because he has very severe cheekbones. A nosepiece not for the full nose but for the bridge. We did a little piece on the eyelid because he has a lazy eye on one side. And blue contacts," Franco said.

Tommy Wiseau In The Room

Wiseau played the main character, named Johnny.

Dave Franco As Greg Sestero


The younger Franco brother rocked an early '00s center part for the role.

The Real Greg Sestero As Mark In The Room

Sestero continued acting after The Room, though no roles have been quite as memorable.

Ari Graynor, Who Plays Juliette Danielle

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Graynor has starred in other comedies including For a Good Time, Call... and the show I'm Dying Up Here.

Juliette Danielle In The Room

In The Room, Danielle Plays Lisa — the woman tearing Johnny apart.

Josh Hutcherson, Who Plays Philip Haldiman

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The Hunger Games actor plays the kid-brother type friend in The Disaster Artist and it's one of his funniest roles.

Philip Haldiman In The Room

Haldiman plays Denny in The Room, and his relationship with Lisa and Johnny is just one of the many perplexing aspects of the movie.

Jacki Weaver, Who Plays Carolyn Minnott

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Weaver's character play's Lisa's mother, Claudette, and she doesn't seem to care about the fact that her role doesn't make much sense.

Carolyn Minnott As Claudette

Claudette's health problems add to Lisa's stress, but it's the way in which she breaks the bad news to her daughter that fans remember most.

The whole cast of The Disaster Artist did an incredible job with channeling their characters, both in the parts when the re-created The Room and when they showed what went on behind the scenes. Now, you'll never have to wonder what everyone thought of The Room while on set filming it.