This New Disney Kitchenware Line Is Both Super Cute AND Affordable


Take a moment and think back to how exciting you found your birthday when you were young. Even if it landed on a school day, you'd wake up to a home filled with the smell of warm maple syrup flooding into your bedroom. You'd haphazardly rush to get ready and stumble into the kitchen to be welcomed by a plate full of freshly-made pancakes. But, not just any pancakes — Mickey Mouse pancakes. What if I told you you could relive that excitement whenever you wanted? Now you can, with the new Disney Eats kitchenware collection.

Disney isn't just a brand, it's a lifestyle. Its fans are some of the most devoted in the world. Disney characters who were once reduced to purely serving as decorative additions to childhood bedrooms are now making appearances on everything from the runway to wine glasses. Every year, there's a Disney marathon during which runners dress up like princesses, and you can even have your wedding at Disney. So perhaps it should come as little surprise the world's most beloved mouse will soon be making an appearance in the most important room in your home: the kitchen. Here are nine standouts from the Disney Eats collection:


Mickey Mouse Silicone Breakfast Mold Set

Mickey Mouse Silicone Breakfast Mold Set, $14.95, Disney Eats

Speaking of pancakes, who says you have to stop at Mickey's visage? Use one of these cookie cutter-esque molds to shape your pancakes like the gloves and trousers sported by your favorite rodent. Delicious.


Minnie Mouse Chef's Hat and Apron Set

Minnie Mouse Chef's Hat and Apron Set for Kids, $19.95, Disney Eats

From now on all chef hats should have ears and bows. Until then, though, allow this apron and hat set to make all your Disney dreams come true. Cute and quirky polka dots rest atop the hot pink base making this set perfect for all your cute culinary needs. For now, you'll have to live vicariously through a little one you know, as the set is only available in kids' sizes.


Mickey And Minnie Mouse Sandwich Stamp And Cruster Set

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Sandwich Stamp and Crust Cutter Set, $14.95, Disney Eats

Pancakes aren't the only meal you can make look like Mickey. Use these sandwich stamps to give your PB&J a little added level of pizzaz and whimsy.


Mickey Mouse Bowl And Spoon Set

Mickey Mouse Bowl and Spoon Set, $24.95, Disney Eats

Who says spoons can't be cute? Ditch the old standard wooden spoon for one adorned in Mickey Mouse's face. Oh yeah, the spoons come with complementary mixing bowls, too, naturally.


Mickey Mouse Apron And Oven Mitt Set

Mickey Mouse Apron and Oven Mitt Set for Adults, $29.95, Disney Eats

Oven mitts are simultaneously the most under-appreciated and vital tools in a kitchen. Think about it: could you feasibly bake anything without them? The answer is an unequivocal no. Snag this cute set for all your culinary needs. Also, it's about time Mickey's gloves were recreated for human use.


Mickey Mouse Measuring Cups

Mickey Mouse Measuring Cup Set, $9.95, Disney Eats

Measuring cups are another kitchen staple that don't receive nearly enough credit or decorative attention. Why opt for plain, boring ones when you could snag a set emblazoned with Mickey Mouse's face?! Plus these are collapsible, so they're not just stylish, they're convenient. The choice is clear.


Minnie Mouse Plate and Lid

Minnie Mouse Plate and Lid, $18.95, Disney Eats

Letting leftovers go to waste will be a thing of the past with this plate. The set comes with an expandable, three-section plate complete with lid and pink bow. Who says avoiding food waste shouldn't be cute?

There's also a Mickey Mouse version (sans bow) for fans of the original.


Mickey Mouse Cup

Mickey Mouse Cup, $8.95, Disney Eats

This Mickey Mouse cup is bar none one of the cutest Disney Eats offerings. Its little half-smile and ears that double as handles are so dear, you're not going to know whether to drink coffee out of it or snuggle with it. Grab its Minnie counterpart to complete the set.


Aluminum Mickey Trivet

Aluminum Mickey Mouse Trivet, $16.99, Disney Eats

Only people who have their lives together own trivets, so give off that impression with a sophisticated Mickey Mouse trivet. His welcoming face is here to protect your countertops from a scalding hot pan.