Disney Princess Wine Glasses Are Here & Every ‘90s Baby Needs One Immediately

Remember how a few years ago, the internet couldn’t get enough of the artistic trend that saw illustrators and cartoonists re-imaginging the Disney princesses in every conceivable way? Well, these days, we seem to have transferred that interest onto Disney princess merchandise — and these Disney princess wine glasses are the internet’s latest favorite obsession. To be fair, the draw of these particular items is understandable; they combine the delight of childhood nostalgia with the fun of adulthood. Who says princesses are just for kids?

Disney 2 Pack Tumbler Glasses, $24, ASOS

The glasses in question come from ASOS; they’re available as a pack of two, with one featuring Belle and the other featuring Cinderella. TheBelle glass depicts Her Royal Bookishness on the front with the words “Tale as Old as Time” on the back; meanwhile, the Cinderella glass has Little Miss Glass Slipper on the front with “She Will Go to the Ball” written on the back. (The “She”and “Ball” are both written in pale blue; as such, the letters are a little hard to see in the product images. If you look really closely, though, they’re there — and they’re written in whimsical cursive, to boot.) Both Belle and Cindy are striking magnificently sassy poses; I especially appreciate the fact that Cinderella looks a little bit like she’s getting her Singin’ in the Rain on, albeit under a stream of rosé instead of, y’know, rain.

The pair of glasses retails for $24 — and if you want them, my sense is you’ll need to act fast, because at the rate this particular viral tide is moving, they’re going to be snapped up pretty quickly.

But fear not! There are plenty of Disney-inspired alternatives out there — if you know where to look. What’s more, a lot of them are wonderfully creative (and, of course, they feature more than just two of the pantheon of Disney royalty). Here are some other options if you don’t manage to get your hands on the ASOS set:

The Sparkly Glass

Disney Princess Wine Glass, $13, Etsy

This stemless offering from Etsy seller MAGDesignStudio lets you pick the princess and the color of the silhouette — and although there are solid color options, there are also a whole host of glittery ones. Choose Ariel, Jasmine, Aurora, Belle, Snow White, Cinderella, or Tinkerbell.

The Personalized Glass

Beauty and the Beast-Inspired Wine Glass, $9, Etsy

I especially like the wrap-around detail of this one from ThePinkWalrus on Etsy — and, of course, the name written in a classic Disney-esque font is a nice touch.

The Stemmed Silhouette Glass

Set Of 4 Disney Princess Inspired Wine Glasses, $54, Etsy

Cinderella, Ariel, Belle, and Jasmine come as a set of four from Etsy seller KellysHomeAccents, with each glass featuring the princess' silhouette in black and a sparkling stem in her signature color.

The Negative Space Glass

Elsa Wine Glass, $9.99, Etsy

Etsy seller TheVinylVanity has similar designs for Belle, Ariel, and Snow White if the Snow Queen herself isn't quite your cup of... sauvignon blanc.

The "Be Our Guest" Glass

Be Our Guest Stemmed Wine Glass, $13.99, shopDisney

Remember that neat-o Be Our Guest dining set that's currently available at the Disney Home store in Anaheim, Calif.? This glass is part of it, although happily, it can also be purchased online. It may not have Belle herself on it, but it's still quite fun — and perfect for your next dinner or cocktail party.

The Work-Of-Art Glass

Lost Princess Wine Glass, $40, Etsy

Whatever you do, do not put this beauty from OhanaGemsShop on Etsy in the dishwasher.

Another Negative Space Glass

Disney's Pocahontas Wine Glass, $10, Etsy

This style is fairly popular among Etsy sellers, and I can see why: It's super cool-looking. GirlMeetsGinger has similar designs available for a wide variety of other Disney princesses and other characters, too.

The Pop Culture Reference Glass

Little Mermaid Pink Wine Glass, $12.50, Etsy

Not going to lie: The idea of Ariel as the Starbucks Siren makes me laugh. Bless Etsy seller GlitterPussByNess for bringing it to life.

The Quote Glass

Disney Brave Merida Wine Glass, $10, Etsy

I kind of love the fact that the glitter on this glass from MeowgicalKreations isn't the color of Merida's dress; it's the color of her hair.

The Classy Etched Glass

Disney's Tiana Etched Wine Glass, $10, Etsy

Etsy seller GirlMeetsGinger also makes beautiful etched wine glasses, like this one featuring Tiana.

The Abstract Glass

Ms. Snow White Wine Glass, $23, Etsy

Looking for something a little less on-the-nose? Etsy seller KayaCreations' designs might be right up your alley. Jasmine, Tiana, and Alice in Wonderland are also on offer.

The Golden Glass

Disney Princess Jasmine Personalized Wine Glass, $17.91, Etsy

ATouchOnGlass also offers this design on champagne, hi-ball, and pint glasses. Juuuust sayin'.

The Personified Glass

Mulan Themed Wine Glass, $27, Etsy

A hand-painted glass honoring Fa Mulan? Heck yes. CBGLASSWARE has tons of other Disney-themed hand-painted options available, too.

The Resistance Fighter Glass

Princess Leia Themed Stemless Wine Glass, $6, Etsy

Leia is technically a Disney princess. Don't @ me.