Why Everyone's Obsessed With The Super Sassy Fish Nuns In 'The Last Jedi'

The Last Jedi introduces a slew of new space creatures to obsess over, much to Star Wars fans' delight. While Porgs basically stole everybody's hearts immediately upon the first trailer's release, the fish nuns in The Last Jedi are the ones who are everyone's new fave obsession. Yet while fans are, understandably, referring to them fish nuns, the creatures are technically called Caretakers. They live on the island of Ahch-To where Luke Skywalker lived in self-inflicted exile, and they judged just about anything anyone did, making everyone collectively proclaim, "same."

The Caretakers have a no-nonsense approach to their busy lives of taking care of Ahch-To, and are totally overwhelmed by all of the nonsense that both Rey and Luke indulge in on the island. Luke's exile to Ahch-To is exactly the kind of over-dramatic response that the Caretakers seem to despise, and they immediately disapprove of Rey's equally dramatic acts. One of the greatest criticisms of The Last Jedi is that Luke's character arc doesn't fit into the series very well, and the Caretakers' disapproval of both him and Rey offers something that critical fans can latch onto.

For people who don't like The Last Jedi, the fish nuns are the characters that they can relate to the most, due to their judgmental attitudes. And for people who do like The Last Jedi, the Caretakers are were hilarious creatures that offer even greater comic relief than Chewbacca's overwrought relationship to Ahch-To's Porgs. Basically, everyone loves the fish nuns.

In an interview on Star Wars' website, creature concept designer Jake Lunt Davies explained the process of creating the Caretakers, saying, "They were not necessarily a holy order, by [sic] like nuns they were an all-female community of indigenous aliens that lived this slightly monastic lifestyle." The jokes about the Caretakers being like the judgmental nuns of The Sound of Music basically wrote themselves, as The Last Jedi could have easily included a song of Caretakers singing, "How do you solve a problem like Rey?"

Rey, after all, does create a lot of problems for the ceatures. While on Ahch-To, Rey and Luke's short-lived Jedi practice results in ruining the structures on the island, and who's there to clean it all up? The judgmental fish nuns, of course. When Rey uses her connection with the Force to break up a rock structure, her satisfaction is met with the Caretakers' reproachful looks as they go to clean up the mess. Even if you think that The Last Jedi wasn't your fave, you probably at least appreciate the fish nuns' hatred towards Luke and Rey's antics.

In a press event recorded by Collider, The Last Jedi editor Bob Ducsay revealed that the movie could have included even more Caretakers, which likely upsets all Star Wars fans who wish there were more scenes with the hilarious creatures. In describing the scenes that were cut from the film, Ducsay said, "There’s an extended sequence with Rey and the Caretakers, which are the Nun-like fish creatures. That’s actually one of the biggest things that was taken out of the movie." Now, fans must use their imaginations to picture what could have been in an extended scene between Rey and the nuns.

Perhaps Rey would've attempted to drink the creatures' grotesque green milk, as Luke did so towards the beginning of Rey's stay on the island. Or Maybe Rey would've tried to help clean up her Jedi-practice's mess, only to have the Caretakers reprimand her for trying to do their job. Would Rey and the Caretakers have gotten into a fight that Luke had to break up? The possibilities are endless, and each of them extremely intriguing. The one thing most people can agree on about The Last Jedi is that it could have used more fish nun scenes.

Hopefully when The Last Jedi has its DVD release, the deleted Caretakers scene will be included on it as a special feature. If so, it might be worth buying a DVD player just in order to see more disgruntled fish nuns on your screen.