These Bitmoji 3D Hacks For Snapchat Are Funny AF

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Augmented reality and Bitmojis are both amazing on their own. But, what if these two digital-world trend setters got together and had a baby — what would that look like? Now you don't have to wonder because it's actually happening on social media. And, the funniest Bitmoji 3D hacks for Snapchat will give you a whole new reason to go down an hours-long rabbit hole on your phone. Bitmojis have already brought endless joy to the lives of millions because they allow you to transform yourself into a cartoon. You can style your hair, and even choose an outfit that suits you. It's kind of like turning yourself into a digital paper doll.

And, the advent of augmented reality let's you superimpose a computer-generated image — like a Bitmoji — onto a view of the real world. Now, put those two things together and you have the latest Snapchat craze. That's right, your Bitmoji just got legs, literally. "Once it is on the screen, Snapchat users can then have the Bitmoji interact with a variety of things, like drinking tea, riding a skateboard, or even do yoga," Evan Selleck reported for iPhone Hacks.

Remember when Bitmoji first came on the scene and you spent hours sending funny Bimojis of yourself to your friends? Once you learn how to use 3D Bitmoji I fully expect you to disappear into AR vortex for a few days because this new feature has allowed Snapchat to up its Bitmoji game, and it's even funnier than you imagined.

The Most LOL Worthy Snapchat 3D Bitmojis

Coffee is to today's humans what pixie dust was to Tinker Bell in Peter Pan.

Become a skater pro without the treat of injury. Basically, your 3D Snapchat Bitmoji can do everything you've always wanted to do but are too afraid to try.

Self conscious dancing in public? Now your Bitmoji can show you all the moves so you can learn to dance like no one's watching.

Yoga is harder than it looks, but not in the augmented reality world. Become an advanced yogi with your 3D Bitmoji, even if you can't do a one-handed three-legged dog IRL. Really, can anyone actually do that?

When work becomes too much, it's time for a 30 second 3D Bitmoji breakdance break that would make Grey's Anatomy dancing queens Meredith and Cristina proud.

When I was a little kid I thought that cartoons were actors dressed up like cartoons, and I often wondered why I couldn't see cartoons IRL. Well, all of my childhood dreams just came true because Snapchat's 3D Bitmoji makes this totally possible, and validates my 4-year-old magical thinking.

Hipsters and water coolers are actually twins separated at birth.

Your 3D Bitmoji is waiting for some friends to come to the water cooler to dish about the Games Of Thrones season finale. C'mon, don't leave a Bitmoji hanging!

When it occurs to you that you're alone at the water cooler because after the apocalypse it doubles as a fish bowl, and everyone knows this but you.

If you feel too old to rave 'till dawn, send your mini me 3D Bitmoji to the party instead. No one will know it's not really you because now cartoons and people can mingle, just like I always knew they could.

"Whats goin' on, on the floor? I love this record baby but I can't see straight anymore keep it cool. What's the name of this club? I can't remember but its alright, I'm a-alright." When things get a little rough, take Lady Gaga's advice and just dance.

Augmented reality means your 3D Bitmoji can go on any adventure your little heart desires ...

... which looks a little like being in the movie Honey I Shrunk The Kids. Those carpet squares look wicked scary, but your hiking pole will help you trek across the living room with ease.

Every day is a beach day for your 3D Bitmoji ...

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... and, all of my dreams about living inside the U2 "Joshua Tree" album are coming true.

Now, if Snapchat could find a way to transfer all the feels and fun your mini me is having directly into your poor, tired soul we could solve all of the world's problems. Hey, maybe this is possible. Everyone laughed at my cartoons IRL fantasies when I was a kid, and now it's actually happening. Never say never. Just sayin'.