Here’s Why The Girl In Harry Styles’ New Video Looks So Familiar

On Monday, Harry Styles released the music video for his latest single from his self-titled album, and it's full of children, cupcakes, and glorious patterned suits. And the star of Styles' video for "Kiwi" is a little girl who looks a whole lot like him, rather than the singer himself — although he does join the video in a pretty dramatic fashion at the end. If you've been looking around at the Twitter reactions to the video, you may have seen people referring to the actor as "Beau", but without much other information about her. Well, her full name is Beau Gadsdon and there's a good chance you've seen her in action before.

Gadsdon is a young English actor, who, aside from Styles' new video, only has two credits listed on her IMDb page — and they're big ones. In 2016, Gadsdon played young Jyn Erso in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, and the same year, she played young Princess Margaret in the Netflix series The Crown.

In Rogue One, Gadsdon, obviously, shared the role of Jyn Erso with Felicity Jones, who played the adult version, but she also shared the role with her little sister, Dolly Gadsdon, who played an even younger version of Jyn. In the film, Gadsdon is featured in scenes that show Jyn's father being tracked down by the Empire. Even though she's a young child, Jyn is told to run away from her family and hide out, which leads to Jyn being on her own at a labor camp as she grows up. So, yeah, basically, Gadsdon got to do a lot of running in this role.

Her role in The Crown took Gadsdon in a much different direction. The young actor played the child version of Vanessa Kirby's character, Princess Margaret, in three episodes of the series' first season. In this role, Gadsdon was often featured alongside another child actor, Verity Russell, who played the child version of Queen Elizabeth. The second season of The Crown premieres Dec. 8, so in just a month, fans of the show will get to see if Gadsdon reprises her role.


And that brings us to Gadsdon's role in Styles' "Kiwi" music video. In the video, she doesn't really play a young version of Styles, since he is also part of the video on his own, but she does dress exactly like him and look like a younger Styles. The video starts off with Gadsdon walking down a school hallway carrying a box of cupcakes as she approaches a food fight in the cafeteria. Once she arrives, the fight really gets underway, and as some Styles fans have pointed out, starts to resemble his film Dunkirk.

Eventually, Styles shows up with a bunch of puppies and the kids go wild with dogs and baked goods and it's just a mess. Then, they all take a class picture and Gadsdon and Styles pose like this:

Harry Styles VEVO/YouTube

It's a weird video — especially considering what the song is really about — but a very fun one nonetheless, and there's no doubt Gadsdon had a good time. How could you not?

Before the video came out, Styles gave Gadsdon a shoutout on Twitter that only played into the mystery behind the video before its release:

And since the video came out, Gadsdon's gotten herself a lot of new fans. Just look at how Styles fans are reacting on Twitter:

It will be interesting to see where Gadsdon's acting goes from here, but considering she's already starred in a Harry Styles music video and had roles in an acclaimed drama series and a Star Wars movie, she's already had a career many actors would be jealous of.