See If You Caught All These References To Harry Styles’ Life In His New Video

Harry Styles VEVO/YouTube/Bustle

Although Harry Styles sings about a woman who is driving him "crazy" in the song "Kiwi," the music video for his song features some pretty innocent things — namely kids, baked goods, and puppies. Yet, fans are amused by the references in Styles' "Kiwi" music video since he seems to be acknowledging some of his past projects. While you might have expected a raw, sex-fueled music video to match the sound of the song, Styles kept it clean by getting dirty in a food fight in "Kiwi." And devoted and casual fans alike can get a kick out of the references to Styles' life in the music video.

Styles obviously has a devoted fanbase since his days with One Direction. And because of his involvement in the boy band, a significant portion of Styles' young life has been spent in the limelight, so why shouldn't he have a little fun with his fans? While the singer and actor hasn't stated that he was intentionally alluding to moments in his public life with the "Kiwi" music video, there are some moments that fans just can't help but assume are direct references. And even if the cupcake, kid, and puppy war in "Kiwi" wasn't inspired by his previous projects, it's delightful all the same.

Fans on Twitter acknowledged that the music video has nothing to do with the lyrical content of "Kiwi," but they loved it anyway. Because besides it being thoroughly enjoyable to watch Styles engage in some baked-good warfare, he also might have been referencing these life events.

His Old Bakery Days

When a 16-year-old Styles auditioned for The X Factor, he told the judges, "I work in a bakery." So, is the bake sale-themed food fight in "Kiwi" a reference to Styles' old profession? Considering that T-shirts exist with this Styles' quote, how could it not be?


The baked good references may extend beyond his bakery days since some fans noted how Styles tweeted "Cake-gate" in January 2015. Earlier that January, he also just tweeted, "Cake?" He even once tweeted about having cake on his shoulder back in 2013, so there may be a cake conspiracy here — regardless of the fact that no one knows exactly what that conspiracy is.


Even though the music video for "Kiwi" is notably purer than the lyrics of "Kiwi," there is still a battle at the heart of it. As Styles got his big acting break in Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk, the war in "Kiwi" seems intentionally reminiscent of the WWII film.

So, Bakery + Dunkirk = "Kiwi"

Fans are pretty convinced that these two past experiences are pretty much the only inspirations behind "Kiwi." And that doesn't bother them one bit since it's pretty hilarious to imagine Styles pitching this idea.

The Puppies

And there were also puppies involved. As people love looking at Styles posing with adorable animals (yes, this is an actual thing), the dogs in "Kiwi" could be a lighthearted jab at that. But hey, anyone else concerned about the dogs eating the chocolate? Thankfully, Styles tweeted a photo that says no animals (or children) were harmed during the making of the video.

With the music video only being three minutes long and relatively straightforward in concept, there wasn't a lot of time for more references. But fans think that the ones that exist were pretty intentional since "Kiwi" ends with Styles smirking in a pretty epic way.

So, don't think for one second that the references in "Kiwi" were accidental. Because based on that final smirk alone, Styles seems to know exactly what he's doing to his fans with his tongue-in-cheek references in the "Kiwi" music video.