The Golden Globes Spelled John Legend's Name Wrong

by Rachel Simon
AFP/AFP/Getty Images

Oh, awards season. The time of the year that brings major events and golden statues is also responsible for some hilariously awkward moments, like the time the Golden Globes spelled John Legend's name wrong — and Legend's wife, Chrissy Teigen, made fun of the incident on Twitter.

According to a photo that Teigen shared of her husband on Sunday night during the Globes, the place setting that Legend received for his table accidentally spelled his name as "John Ledgend" — whoops. In the photo, the star looks pissed, but he's probably just exaggerating for the camera. Or maybe he's actually just mad at Teigen, who, of course, tweeted the photo alongside the caption "Bahahaha loser."

Ah, true love, right? Gotta love Chrissy and John, who truly are one of Hollywood's best, sweetest couples. Still, it's pretty awkward that the Globes couldn't spell Legend's name right, seeing as he is, you know, John Legend, the famous and successful singer, and his name isn't exactly that complicated to spell. But at least the mistake led to Teigen's great photo and caption, and, most likely, some continued jokes at Legend's expense from his wife once the duo leave the show and head back home.

Hopefully, the Globes will realize their mistake and not mess up Legend's, or anyone else's, name going forward.