This Pop-Up Breakfast Museum Has A Bacon Slide, Donut Swings, And 10 Breakfast-Themed Rooms

by Isami McCowan
Courtesy the Hall of Breakfast

If you love breakfast but can never seem to get that brunch picture quite right — what with all the wind blowing at the outdoor table or the unfortunate lighting inside that makes your eggs benedict photograph better than you — prepare to have your mind blown. Salt Lake City's newest pride and joy is straight out of your foodie Instagram dreams: the Hall of Breakfast pop-up museum. Taking a super creative approach on the most important (and delicious) meal of the day, the Hall of Breakfast describes itself as an "interactive pop-up art experience celebrating everything about breakfast, from the trivial to the transcendent."

The Hall of Breakfast was founded by a group of artists who are as passionate about the meal as they are about sharing it in the most stylish and inventive way possible. There are a total of ten whimsical, immersive breakfast-themed rooms at the pop-up. Once you enter the museum's culinary dreamland through the retro refrigerator shaped door, you'll have the chance to take a spin down the bacon slide, perch on top of a sprinkly, gigantic donut swing, pose by the egg yolk sunrise light installation, and snap a pic with pineapple flamingos in a huge neon-colored fruit bowl. Honestly, is there a better way to start the day?

Sophie Weichers, the Hall of Breakfast's designer and project manager, said that "breakfast represents a fresh start to the day with endless possibilities," in explaining the pop-up's goal to "wake up your creativity." What's so great about the Hall of Breakfast is it's unique break from traditional museum etiquette: the exhibits are designed to be interactive, so you won't see many "Don't Touch" signs plastered around and the vibrant decor in every room encourages tons of photo-ops.

Getting so hungry that you might take a bite out of that donut swing? Not to worry — each room in the Hall of Breakfast offers a delicious food sample from local Utah restaurants and brands. It just proves that there's something here for everyone: the friend who skipped breakfast can spend their time munching on a maple bacon cookie from local vendor Ruby Snap, the artsy one in the crew can take a few shots of the beautiful murals painted by Utah-based artists, and your little brother or sister can take a dive in the kid-friendly Fruit Jungle ball pit (which is filled with 200,000 pink balls). Don't get too heated in the pancakes versus waffles voting section, though — we all know it's a sensitive subject. By the end of the trip, you can commemorate your day with a souvenir from the gift shop in the last room of the museum. It's filled with trendy items created by local makers, from t-shirts to irresistible waffle shaped soaps. On top of everything, the Hall of Breakfast also supports a great cause: for every ticket purchased, the museum will make a donation to the Utah Food Bank.

Courtesy of the Hall of Breakfast
Courtesy of the Hall of Breakfast

If the Hall of Breakfast's artistic, picture-perfect vibe sounds a little bit familiar, it might be because you've visited or heard some buzz about the Museum of Ice Cream. The similarly styled ice cream-centric museum launched in New York City and has since opened locations in San Francisco and Miami, but the Hall of Breakfast is bringing the same magic to smaller cities like Salt Lake. The vibrant pop-up will be in Utah's capital until July 9, but will be traveling to new areas in the future (keep your fingers crossed that it's next stop is your home).

Get your camera ready and grab the friend who knows your angles the best, because the Hall of Breakfast is the newest hotspot for all of your envy-worthy Instagram shots.