The Harry Potter Character For Your Myers-Briggs Type

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Finally, an answer to the burning question that's been keeping you up at night: Which Harry Potter character best matches your Myers-Briggs personality type? Do you share personality traits with Harry? A Weasley? The Dark Lord himself? We all know that your Myers-Briggs type can unlock the secrets of who you should date and what kind of animal you should identify with, but now it can decide your role at Hogwarts, too. Here's the Harry Potter character for your Myers-Briggs type.

If you don't know your official Myers-Briggs personality type, go ahead and take the quiz. I'll wait. Got it? So those four letters determine where you fall on four different spectrums. The I and E stand for introverted and extroverted, respectively (if you've been to the internet before, you already know what those two words mean). Then there's S for sensing, which means using your senses to gather information, and N for intuiting, which means adding to information with your innate intuition. Thirdly, you've got F for feeling or T for thinking when it comes to decision-making. And lastly, there's J for judging or P for perceiving. Do you like your world to be structured and closed, or always open to new options?

So yeah, Myers-Briggs is basically astrology for people who don't believe in astrology. Here's where your favorite witches and wizards fall on the personality spectrum.

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1ISTP: Harry Potter


Harry may be the most famous baby in all of wizarding history, but he doesn't actually love the limelight all that much. He's an ISTP: introverted, independent, adventurous, and not too hung up on following the rules. He cares about others, but isn't always stellar at accessing his feelings, and he prefers to learn by doing rather than watching from the sidelines.

2ISFP: Rubeus Hagrid


Hagrid is a classic ISFP: loving, loyal, and a tad on the sensitive side. He values his privacy (especially about his parentage), sticks to his principles, and doesn't like to be boxed in by societal conventions. What everyone else sees as monstrous, Hagrid sees as cute. He's affectionate with his loved ones, no matter how many eyes or legs they might have.

3INFP: Luna Lovegood


Luna is a dreamy, introverted idealist, like any true INFP. She looks for the good in all people, and isn't too bothered by things like logic or hard facts. An INFP will try to find the bright side, even when trapped in the basement of Malfoy Manor. But just because she's quirky and sweet doesn't mean she's a pushover; INFPs come across as shy, but deep down they're passionate about their beliefs and protecting their friends.

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4INTP: Hermione Granger


INTPs are known for their intellect, their passion, and their unquenchable thirst for knowledge. Sound familiar? Hermione has the smart, serious exterior of an INTP, as well as the intense drive to learn everything and solve all of the problems. She's inventive and logical, quick to correct others, she cares deeply about what she does, and she has that classic INTP crippling fear of failure.

5ISTJ: Severus Snape


ISTJs are all about honor and duty. Snape is serious to a fault, and usually prefers to work alone. As an ISTJ, he takes great pride in his career and he never does a job halfway. He comes across as reserved, and he really struggles with expressing his feelings, but he has a sharp mind and a grim determination to see every task through to the bitter end.

6ISFJ: Neville Longbottom


ISFJs are usually warm, well-meaning people, and highly observant. Like all ISFJs, Neville can be a little shy at first, but he's willing to fight a snake with a magical sword if it means defending the people he cares about. He values stability, and will try very hard to keep the peace and make things right again when they're thrown out of whack.

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7INFJ: Remus Lupin


The lone wolf of the Myers-Briggs bunch, INFJs are both soft-spoken and fiercely idealistic. They care deeply about making the world a better place, but sometimes they have trouble standing up for themselves. Lupin's quiet, observant nature and his secret, pent-up wolf rage make him a classic INFJ: diplomatic and kind on the outside, intensely passionate on the inside.

8INTJ: Draco Malfoy


Poor li'l Draco is a self-confident, quick-thinking, somewhat cynical INTJ. He's a natural leader and a perfectionist, quite good at coming up with strategies, but also shier and more sensitive than he lets on. He balances his idealism with his brutal sense of reality, and often finds himself caught between enormous confidence and enormous self-doubt, crying in Moaning Myrtle's bathroom.

9ESTP: Ginny Weasley


ESTPs are perhaps the most Gryffindor personality type out there: bold, blunt, and always ready to take risks. Ginny's a bundle of energy who likes running headlong into dangerous situations and making out with whomever the hell she wants to. ESTPs are notorious flirts and highly competitive, hence Ginny's epic success in both sports and high school dating.

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10ESFP: Fred and George Weasley


Fred and George could only ever be ESFPs — boisterous entertainers who love attention and hate being alone. They thrive on jokes and elaborate performances, they know how to enjoy the finer things in life, and they're surprisingly sensitive friends when they need to be. They're the life of the party, until they get bored and drop out of high school in an burst of magical fireworks.

11ENFP: Ron Weasley


Ron can be the fun guy who's keeping up the group morale when he wants to be, but he also cares deeply about connecting with people one-on-one. He takes his relationships seriously (except for maybe Lavender Brown). As an ENFP, he's optimistic and openhearted, a little sensitive, and full of positive energy.

12ENTP: Sirius Black


ENTPs are witty and playful, great at socializing, and sometimes a tad antagonistic. They thrive on changing scenery and new ideas, but if they're trapped somewhere with no stimulation (say, a wizard prison or their family's gross old house), they're quickly frustrated. Sirius is your classic ENTP: restless, fun, and highly opinionated.

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13ESTJ: Minerva McGonagall


A true ESTJ sticks to her strict moral code. Minerva McGonagall embodies every ESTJ value: honesty, dignity, and telling children what to do. That doesn't mean that she's boring, though, because ESTJs never pass up a good opportunity to fight for what they know is right, even if they have to take a whole bunch of stupefy spells to the chest in order to defend their values.

14ESFJ: Molly Weasley


Everyone loves an ESFJ. They're generous, caring, fussy, bossy, and maternal to just about everybody. Molly can be a bit of a traditionalist, sure, and sometimes just a smidge overbearing, but she loves fiercely like the ESFJ she is. She feels the urge to be helpful in every situation, she's always the one planning the party, and she has an enormous capacity for empathy (unless you're the unlucky Death Eater who threatens her kids).

15ENTJ: Lord Voldemort


Sorry, ENTJs! I promise you're not all evil! It's just that the ENTJ type is all about ambition, leadership, and borderline-ruthless rationality. An ENTJ will crush their enemies and reward their friends handsomely. Nobody beats them, either in the workplace or when it comes to wizard duels. Voldy cultivates a larger-than-life persona, like most ENTJs, and he squashes any inconvenient emotions into smithereens.

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16ENFJ: Albus Dumbledore


Naturally, Dumbledore is an empathetic, inspirational ENFJ. He's a confident leader who'll keep things light and pleasant until you threaten one of his crew — then the easygoing ENFJ becomes a force to be reckoned with. ENFJs have a tendency to get a bit over-involved in other people's lives, and they're incredibly trusting (even with Snape), but nothing can stop them from fighting for a just cause.

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