The '90s-Inspired Wedding Hashtag Generator You Didn't Know You Needed Is Finally Here

If you love a good '90s throwback, then the internet has a special gift for you. It's The Hashtag Test which is, unsurprisingly, just what it sounds like. You put in the name of you and your partner/crush/ex/celeb bf or gf and it comes up with a hashtag — like the one you might need for your wedding someday. It also provides you with a compatibility score, in case you're curious and want an updated version of the Love Calculator.

Ridiculous, sure, but the '90s graphics and feel make it worth checking it out for a laugh. And if you really are looking for a hashtag or couple name, it definitely provides a jumping off point. It comes from The Black Tux, a tuxedo rental service aimed at bringing tuxedo rentals into the modern age.

So how do you get your hashtag? Easy, you just put in your first and last name and the first and last name of the other person. And then a lot of science happens. Well, "science". Don't worry, I tried it out for you. Here's what it came up with for me.

My Actual Relationship

What would it come up with when I put in me and my girlfriend? Well, obviously drawing off of her last name, Mack, it gave us #mackandcoke. Not that bad, though it kind of implies she's into some class As, doesn't it? Maybe not ideal for a wedding. Though we did get a 79 percent compatibility rating, not too shabby.

My Celebrity Crush: Billy Joel

So then I put in my celebrity crush and got the same rating. Hmmmm. I'm starting to think this doesn't use real science at all. Also, this hashtag doesn't make any sense. #armandalea?! What does that even mean? It doesn't even make sense with my celebrity crush, Billy Joel. Don't judge me.

The Ultimate Celebrity Crush: Shia LaBeouf

Nobody has a bigger celebrity crush then my friend does on Shia LaBeouf. And I have to say their hashtag, #riseandshia, is pretty damn good. But they only got a 54 percent compatibility rating, so maybe their love wasn't meant to be.

So take a look and see what happens with you and you beloved. Just don't use Billy Joel. He's taken.