'The Hills New Beginnings' Scored A Season 2 & Fans Can Celebrate With This Sneak Peek

Amy Sussman/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It looks like the rest is still unwritten. MTV renewed The Hills: New Beginnings for Season 2, the network announced on Monday. That's right, the Los Angeles-based cast is coming back for more reality TV goodness. Better yet, there's a new The Hills: New Beginnings sneak peek from July 22's episode to celebrate the renewal.

What happens in Las Vegas, may not actually stay in Vegas, especially when it comes to the growing drama between Justin Bobby, Audrina Patridge, and Stephanie Pratt. Over the course of Season 1, fans have watched as Justin and Audrina's relationship remains super confusing. Enter Stephanie, who may or may not just be friends with Justin. And now that all three are in Sin City together, well, their situation might become even more complex.

During Monday's new episode, the West Coast group of friends fly to Vegas for Brody Jenner's DJ performance. However, Brody and his wife Kaitlynn Carter Jenner end up staying in California due to the horrific wildfires that happened in November 2018. So, it looks like Justin, Audrina, Stephanie, Mischa Barton, and Frankie Delgado are all on their own. What does that mean? Oh, you know, everyone, including Justin, Audrina, and Stephanie, trying to dissect what the heck is happening between the three.

Per the July 22 episode description, "Justin finds himself caught in the middle of a showdown between Audrina and Stephanie." You can watch all of the drama unfold in the clip below, but, basically, ever since Audrina approached Justin about their kiss (or non-kiss, if you ask Justin), things don't appear to be any better. Thanks to Audrina's friend, Joey Tierney, the reality star of course now can't help but wonder if Justin and Stephanie really are "hooking up."

As Frankie says to Justin in the teaser, "I don't see it in Audrina's eye that she wants to hang out with us because if Stephanie's around, and even though they act like they're all cool, there's a little something there, dude." Frankie clarifies that he doesn't think Justin is in the wrong, but that he's simply a "ladies man" with "beautiful eyes" that's hard to resist. He even adds, "Every girl wants the bad boy." If you say so, Frankie.

The conversation makes Justin even more sour than normal. After Frankie asks his friend, "Do you think that they want you? Both of them?," Justin definitely answers, "Not my problem." At least Frankie isn't afraid to tell Justin that he puts himself in these type of "predicaments." To that, Justin replies, "I really don't. If I was f*cking both of them, I'd be in a big predicament, but I'm not. I'm not even kissing anyone, so now I'm free as a bird."

As for Audrina and Mischa, as they hang out in a hotel room pouring champagne, Audrina asks her friend about Justin and Stephanie, "Do you think they're hooking up?" Mischa replies with her own spin on the well-known Vegas phrase, "Everything comes out in Vegas, so I think you're gonna find out right now if that's what's up."

Fans will just have to wait until Monday's episode to see exactly what goes down between Justin, Audrina, and Stephanie. Based on both the sneak peek and episode promo, it sure seems like Sin City is only going to make the drama worse.